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5 Best Seiko Pepsi Watches (+ Similar Alternatives)

If you are a collector or just a fan of good dive timepieces, you have probably heard about these fantastic Seiko Pepsi watches. With their various collections and offers, Pepsi bezel watches are among their greatest choices. Let’s not forget that it’s usually a matter of choice, but the combination of red and blue is rarely not loved!

And since Seiko always has a wide offer to make for different occasions, styles, and purposes, their Pepsi collection is no exception. Since we cannot choose just one of our favorites, here are our top 7 Seiko Pepsi watches! Whether you are a fan of Seiko wrist timepieces, red & blue bezel combinations, or beautiful and quality watches, this guide is for you.

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5 best Seiko pepsi watches

1. Seiko Men’s Analogue Automatic Watch Seiko 5 Sports

Why do we like it? – Classic yet very modern. Very sporty, yet it can easily go with the tuxedo. 

Firstly, this beautiful timepiece is affordable since you can find it on Amazon for around $250 and get great features with it. For starters, let’s check its design. At first glance, we can see that this watch is round-shaped with a silver and stainless-steel band and bezel. 

The most distinguishing feature of this watch is its perfectly combined with blue and red design of a unidirectional rotating bezel. Even if this might sound too much or too colorful, it isn’t! It is very modest, and it matches the whole watch perfectly. 

As for the size, the case diameter is 43 millimeters with 22 millimeters bandwidth. This Seiko 5 sports watch has a double-sided automatic lift and a fantastic power reserve that holds up to 41 hours. This beauty is also waterproof up to 100 meters or around 330 feet. 

When it comes to the dial window, it is crafted with scratch-resistant hardlex with an analog display. Also, the watch has the day and date calendar located at 3 o’clock which is always a plus.

Overall, the watch looks super neat with great features and with excellent price. What more do we need, right?

2. Seiko Prospex ‘Mini Turtle’ Special Edition 

Why do we like it? – Sporty with great design and silicon strap suitable for water activities. 

This watch might appear too dark initially, but it’s not. The silicone strap is a dark blue color that perfectly matches the red/blue combination of a unidirectional rotating bezel. However, the hands of the watch are also in the Pepsi colors, which goes great with the black background dial.

As for the case, it is in silver tone with an analog display. The watch is also covered with scratch-resistant hardlex crystal, which means that this watch can withstand rough hits and falls. 

Another great feature is that this watch is water resistant up to 200 meters or 660 feet which means that this is a great dive timepiece! Regarding the watch’s dimensions, the case diameter is 42 millimeters, while the thickness is 13 millimeters. As usual, the watch has the date calendar at 3 o’clock.  

3. Seiko Prospex Padi Special Edition SSC663P1

Why do we like it? – The watch is very compelling with great design and a lot of features!

The Seiko Prospex Padi SSC663P1 is a special edition watch, so it’s often difficult to find it available. However, we had to mention this watch because you can already feel how powerful it is at first glance.

When it comes to the measurements of the watch, it is pretty robust, so it might not be suitable for smaller wrists. It has 44 millimeters for case diameter, 14 millimeters for case thickness, and 30 millimeters width of the rubber band. The bracelet is in the familiar blue Pepsi color with the blue/red combo of the rotating bazel. 

This beautiful timepiece has a triple crown feature and three subdials. As we would expect, the watch features a Japanese quartz movement and is water resistant up to 200 meters/ 660 feet. The dial has a black background with a red minute mark and swivel hour mark that stands out perfectly. 

The overall design, combined with su many features, makes this product a dominant timepiece.

4. Seiko SRPE99 Prospex

Why do we like it? – Modest, straightforward, yet very well packed with LumiBrite hands and markers. 

A more plane option than our previous choice. Seiko SRPE99 is a very self-effacing watch that, at first sight, looks pretty simple yet modern thanks to its design and well-known blue/red Pepsi color combination. The watch is crafted from stainless steel, which is always good. 

As for the size, the case diameter is 45 millimeters and 13.5mm millimeters case thickness. It has a power reserve of up to 41 hours with the always-wanted feature of scratch-resistant hardlex crystal. 

This watch is unique because of its LumiBrite hands, marks, indexes, and bazel. The dial color is in Pepsi blue with red and grey hands and Pepsi color rotating bazel. As for the marks, they are in recognizable, sporty round shape, making this watch great for sporty occasions. However, it can also be suitable for more formal ones, thanks to the stainless steel band and case.

5. Seiko Prospex – Solar”Tuna” PADI Dive Watch

Why do we like it? – Different from other Pepsi x Seiko watches, very dark yet sporty and powerful. 

In contrast to our previous model, this one features a black silicone band with a black dial and case. As you can see by yourself, this timepiece might appear too dark, but that’s why we chose it. It has a different vibe from others, which is why we like it. 

Yet, we cannot deny that this watch is still a sporty dive timepiece. Thus, as expected, it is pretty robust, with 40 millimeters in case diameter and 12.4 millimeters in case thickness. This watch falls into the dive category because it can withstand 200 meters/ 660 feet of water resistance.

As usual, this watch features a good, old, red/blue Pepsi design on the rotating bazel while everything else is in balck. The hour marks and hands are white, so they easily stand out from the black dial. The only thing made from recognizable stainless steel is the crowns on both sides of the watch and lugs. 

What makes this watch so different from the others is the digital hour window right above 12 o’clock. If we take into consideration the overall look, features, and design, it totally justifies the price.

Two alternatives for a similar look

6. Orient Automatic Sports Diver’s RA-AC0K03L

Why do we like it? – Pretty neat watch suitable for different occasions with infallible Sapphire Crystal.

Orient are another brand offering good quality watches (with Pepsi options) in this price range. This sports diver has a nice familiar, clean design. 

As we can see, the watch is crafted from stainless steel, including the band and the case. The case thickness is 43 diameter while the case thickness is 13 millimeters. These measurements tell us that this wristwatch is a bit robust, which is usually indicated by its beautiful sapphire crystal coating. Aside from being strong and scratch resistant, RA-AC0K03L is water resistant up to 200 meters/ 660 feet; hence, great for diving sessions. 

When it comes to the look of this watch, it’s the thing we love the most. Aside from the grey, stainless steel look, this watch is very minimalistic. It has a dark blue dial with silver hand and marks and a date calendar located at 4 o’clock. Pretty unusual! And, of course, the watch possesses recognizable Pepsi color rotating bezel. 

The watch is neat, clear, resistant, and beautifully packed. We have the perfect match when we add an affordable price to it.

7. Pagani Design 1662 GMT Sapphire Glass

Why do we like it? – Super affordable Pepsi bezel similar to Seiko’s style

Pagani 1662 came out just last year and is a nice watch for people who prefer minimalistic design. The watch has the usual Pepsi color 360 ceramic rotating bezel with stainless steel case and band.

When it comes to the dial window is covered with synthetic sapphire, while the dial color is black. This goes great with grey marks and hands, but the hand for the seconds is in red. The date calendar is located at 3 o’clock as usual.

When we talk about the watch size, it has a 14-millimeter thick case and 40 millimeters case diameter. The bezel features ceramic-Aluminum alloy with the GMT function. But the most extraordinary thing of all is that this timepiece has luminous hands making this watch perfectly visible in the dark!

One of this watch is that it is water resistant up to 100 meters/330 feet, unlike the other watches that are usually resistant up to 200 meters. However, we must compromise since this watch is more than affordable!

In Conclusion

The fantastic offer from Seiko is never failing us. If you are a Pepsi fan and love a good watch, you can get everything you want in one design. 

These 7 wrist timepieces are chosen according to our preferences, overall design, and price. Of course, these Seiko Pepsi watches are more sporty, dive ones rather than elegant, but when combined with an excellent stainless steel band and some details, you can even wear them with a tuxedo as well! It’s just a matter of preference.