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Watch & Bullion Partners With Utrust: Buy Watches With Crypto

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The year is 2012. People are plastering Kony 2012 stickers everywhere. The iPhone 4S was the sickest phone to own, and Felix Baumgärtner skydived (or rather spacedived) from the stratosphere. Meanwhile in Gibraltar a small watch shop opened its doors to the world: Watch & Bullion.

In the ten years that have since passed Watch & Bullion has grown from a small corner shop to an international player offering watches from all calibres. We have had almost everything cross our desk at some point in time, from vintage 60s regatta timers all the way to the newest tourbillon Richard Mille.

When Baselworld died, we mourned. When the 116500LN was released, we were stunned by hype. And when the Moonswatch hit the streets, we unsuccessfully stood in the queue like the rest of you. To give you reference how long ten years is: back in the day you could still ask for a discount on steel sports Rolex models if you were cheeky enough.

Partnering with Utrust to accept crypto payments

In order to thrive (let alone survive) as a business, you constantly have to evolve. That is why we are so proud to announce our partnership with Utrust. With an international client base, it has long been our goal to integrate crypto payments in our website.

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The last decade has been defined by the meteoric rise of Crypto. It started as a fringe technology utilised by nerds to buy pizzas. Since then it has grown into a serious asset class traded by wall street firms in the same manner stocks are being bought and sold, and crypto is far from finished.

The use cases of blockchain technology go far beyond simply creating crypto-coins for speculation purposes. One such solution is that offered by Utrust. To put it simply: Utrust is like PayPal but on the blockchain.

The company is being led by Sanja Kon. She is a bright female tech executive who, after spending time at both eBay and PayPal, saw the need for a cheaper, faster, and more secure way to transfer funds between buyers and sellers on the internet. Cryptocurrency was the vessel to do so, and Utrust the right captain for the endeavour.

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Luxury watches are a great example where traditional payment methods fall flat. Cryptocurrency payments eliminate the possibility of fraud, drastically reduce the fees involved, and reduce the latency between money moving funds.

Starting now Watch & Bullion are accepting crypto currency payments and are excited to be a part of the new web 3.0. Get in contact with us to learn more about how you can take advantage of using Utrust!