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URWERK’s UR-100V Magic T: Celestial Magic in Titanium

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Introducing the UR-100V Magic T

URWERK, known for its exploration of ‘cold’ colours, introduces the UR-100V Magic T, a watch that focuses on nuanced chromatic subtleties. Crafted with titanium, the Magic T features an intense metallic grey. With its unique and almost extraterrestrial appearance, the UR-100V Magic T showcases the perfect blend of innovative technology, artistry, and attention to detail that URWERK is known for, setting a new standard for luxury timepieces.

URWERK's UR-100V Magic T

A Canvas for Creativity

The UR-100V serves as a blank canvas for the watchmakers’ creative desires, allowing for limitless interpretations. Martin Frei, URWERK’s artistic director and co-founder, describes the timepiece as their “classic” – a versatile watch that evolves over time. The Magic T fully embodies its name with titanium that can be admired in its raw form and showcased with a gleaming finish, achieved through refined shot-blasting.

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Masterful Design and Legibility

Felix Baumgartner, a master watchmaker and co-founder of URWERK, highlights the timepiece’s legibility and complex dial structure. The 3D design of the watch highlights how much care and thought went into making it look beautiful and fascinating to admire. It pushes the limits of what we can see and understand in a watch design, making it stand out from other watches.

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Simplicity Meets Horological Innovation

The 100 collection, designed with simplicity and minimalism, combines Martin Frei’s aesthetic linguistics with Felix Baumgartner’s horological technicality. Together, they have come up with a new way to show the time on URWERK watches called the “wandering hour’s display.” This special way of telling time doesn’t use regular watch hands. Instead, it has little moving parts, like satellites, that travel along a curved path on the watch face. This approach allows for creative space, volume, and time exploration while remaining true to URWERK’s fundamental principles.

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A Celestial Connection

The UR-100V Magic T is a ‘colour exploration vehicle’ with many details related to celestial bodies. The watch’s design is closely connected to space, as it measures the Earth’s trajectory through the interstellar void. The watch face features two elongated notches on the sides of the satellite carrier, which serve a unique purpose. These markings represent the distance the Earth travels both along its axis (spinning around itself) and around the Sun within a short span of just 20 minutes.

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Specifications & Pricing

The limited-edition UR-100V Magic T is equipped with a self-winding UR 12.02 movement, 40 jewels, and a 48-hour power reserve. The watch’s case is made of sanded shot-blasted titanium and has a width of 41.0 mm, length of 49.7 mm, and thickness of 14.0 mm. The sapphire crystal glass ensures durability, while the titanium bracelet with 32 sanded shot-blasted links offers a sleek appearance. The UR-100V Magic T is priced at CHF 58,000 (excluding tax).

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The UR-100V Magic T is more than just a watch it takes inspiration from the beauty of celestial bodies and the wonders of the cosmos allowing us to dream just like when we were children. The space-inspired watch not only tells time but also reminds us of our planet’s journey through the cosmos.

It’s a testament to the creativity and innovation of the watchmakers, who have managed to combine the unique design that we have now come to associate with Urwerk and merged it with scientific curiosity.

The UR-100V Magic T connects us to the universe in a way that few other timepieces can, making it a truly special watch for those who appreciate the beauty and wonder of the world beyond our own creating a unique and meaningful connection to the vastness of space.

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Image Source: Urwerk