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The Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Off-Centered

Pre Baselworld 2016 Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Off Centered 1

Jaquet Droz is a brand I did not usually pay much attention too. Until today I could not exactly tell you why that is the case, maybe the brand had made nothing to offer which caught my eye or I simply failed to pay attention. Today I know it was my lack of attention because today I stumbled upon the Grand Seconde Off-Centered.


For the uninitiated, like myself, the Grand Seconde is Jaquet Droz’s biggest seller and forms the basis for much of their collection. The idea is simple and given away in the name, there is a big seconds hand sub-dial which is significantly bigger than that for hours and minutes. Why? I am not sure, but when looking at the watch you gain an acute awareness of the passing of time. Every second passes at a pace that you cannot ignore and after all is that not the purpose of a watch, to make you aware of the passage of time?


Pre Baselworld 2016 Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Off Centered 3


Following the trend of obvious names, the Off-Centered edition has its dials *surprise surprise* off- centered. Stunningly however that takes nothing away from the symmetry of the design, which, and there are no better words to describe this, is just incredibly soothing to the eye. That is mainly achieved through the polished black onyx which serves as the dial and gives off truly extraterrestrial vibes.


And you have not even heard the best part: the watch is in stainless steel! For such a dressy design it surely is surprising to see it in the common man’s metal, but a pleasure nonetheless which allows for the price of CHF 10,200. Powering this watch is the in-house caliber 2663A.P. The self-winding movement has a silicon balance spring and pallet horns, flat bridges, and two barrels allowing for the 68-hour power reserve.




Would I wear this watch? Absolutely, and that is in spite of the 43 mm diameter, as cool as a Rolex is once you have seen one of them you have seen them all. Jaquet Droz however really manages to bring something interesting and unique to the table with the Off-Centered. A brand which I will be sure to keep close attention to in the future.