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Rolex GMT Master 1675/3 – The Horological Game of Thrones

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King of the throne

If I would translate the world of horology onto that of Westeros, I think I would not be alone in saying that the Rolex Submariner would most likely sit rather comfortably on the iron throne.

An Alternative

But if there ever was a watch to compete with the legendary Rolex both in terms of significance and mainstream appeal, it would have to be another Rolex. Which one to be exact? For me, there is no doubt that only the GMT-Master can have a claim.

First of all, it is a very similar watch which some may consider a drawback. In my eyes, though this is a reflection of one of the brands best qualities.

While everyone else has to learn from their mistakes, Rolex learns from their victories. It is a great alternative for all those who like myself find the Submariner to be a bit boring at times.

GMT-Master 1675-3

GMT-Master has always been just a bit more fun than the Submariner due to the many colours it gets to wear. Or in the equivalent of James Bond movies, if the Submariner is Casino Royale then the GMT is Goldfinger.


Rolex GMT 1675 Nipple Dial Steel and Gold 1967 Shot 4 copy


The watch we have selected today is an early model 1675/3 that we had the pleasure of having in stock. More commonly known as a two-tone 1675 the 3 at the end is the internal code used at Rolex to identify gold and steel watches.

Produced from 1959 to 1980 it is one of their longest running product lines, and one of their most successful at that. This particular piece was created in 1967 making it one of the earlier and hence rarer models within this reference number.

The dial

Highlight of this piece is the nipple dial, a feature that was exclusively available on gold and two-tone models. Called so because it evokes pleasant images in the minds of men, it refers to the speciality that the lume isn’t just painted straight on the dial but instead filled into golden indices which have become iconic for their sharp and exaggerated design.

No longer manufactured today, the nipple dial marks an interesting stepping stone for the History of Rolex. Sacrificing visibility through the smaller effective area of the lume in exchange for some bling shows the beginning of the transition to the luxury brand that we know today.

Original parts

Watch had all service parts replaced meaning it sports a new dial, hands, and bezel insert. The two-tone Jubilee bracelet is a reference H14 which points out it was probably changed sometime in the 1980s. The result is a ready for wear package where all the restoration work has already been done.


Rolex GMT 1675 Nipple Dial Steel and Gold 1967 Shot 6 copy 1


With no lume mismatches to spoil the party, this watch brings back the 60s in a way which lets you forget they have already been gone for over half a century. Completionists will be happy to know that the restored dial, hands, and bezel insert from the original are also available.


To sum up, this Rolex 1675/3 offers a tasty ticket into the world of Vintage Rolex without breaking the bank. With the surge in Submariner prices and the recent explosion in value for Pepsi GMTs two-tone pieces have been relative bargains for some time now. Alongside the changes in fashion and the new trend for Gold, this has to be one of the safest vintage Rolex to buy for those looking for a stable store of value that they can wear on the wrist.