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What If Watch: Rolex Datejust Moonphase

what if

No brand quite makes you wonder what could have been like Rolex. Sure, their conservative nature is what helps the brand retain its legendary status through iconic designs which have weathered the tests of time. On the flip side though you can’t help but wonder about all the opportunities we missed out on.


One of those times the thorn sat particularly deep was when Marcello Comezzi modified a Rolex Datejust reference 16200 to include a moon phase. Comezzi is a respected Italian watchmaker, known to be one of the best case makers in the world, made a custom Rolex Datejust for one of his clients who wanted to know what a modern moon phase by Rolex would look like.


rolex comezzi

The Custom Rolex,  so good it could almost pass for an original  


To achieve this he added the moon disk as an extra plate underneath the dial, caved out necessary space for the springs and gears needed, as well as modified the case to include a pusher to adjust the moon phase. The result was better than what anyone could have imagined. Reminiscent of the iconic steel reference 6062, it is a simplistic modern update accentuated by its unique complication. And most amazingly, the water-resistance has been maintained!


rolex 6062

The famous Rolex 6062, spotting any similarities?  


Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always quite turn out like we hope for. After more than half a century of waiting, Rolex finally brought back the moon phase earlier this year within its new and updated Cellini line. While technically impressive, only one-day adjustment is needed every 122 years, I can’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed by the comeback of the moon phases for Rolex.


Rolex Cellini Moonphase

The Rolex Cellini Moon phase, not bad, not amazing either  


A Rolex moon phase is always a special occasion, whether a custom one or an original. Nevertheless, the question remains, what if Rolex had made a moon phase for the oyster line rather than the Cellini.