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The Nomos 2018 Aqua Models

09 NOMOS Club Ahoi neomatik signalweiss DUW3001 21


We are deep into the summer of 2018, and soon it will have to make way for the cooler temperatures of the autumn. To ride the last wave however and celebrate what remains of the season Nomos just released two new version of existing models as part of what they call their Aqua range.


07 NOMOS Ahoi neomatik signalweiss detail crown 28  


Treated to this facelift are the Club and Ahoi models, both of which are part of Nomos’ more budget-conscious options. This seems only sensible, as the bright white coloring that identifies the Aqua models is clearly targeted for younger demographics. The dial is colored in a shade of white Nomos calls Siren White and together with a faint grey nato bracelet they give an appearance reminiscent of the Omega Speedmaster Alaska project, although that may be due to the lack of choice in the all-white segment.


Both watches are powered by the in-house developed DUW3001 movement. The movement sets itself apart by being incredibly thin for an automatic caliber at 3.2 mm. This allows both of these models to feel very slender on the wrist. Cost wise they are a bit more expensive than their classics counterparts, but at 2.500 EUR for the Club and 3.240 EUR for the Ahoi, they are still relatively cheap in the bigger scale of things.


03 NOMOS Ahoi neomatik signalweiß 3D sapphire crystal glass back 24  


To sum up, the new Aqua models are nothing amazing, but sometimes a little bit of color can make all the difference. I fear that the grey nato will stain from sweat, but that will just be something you have to take into account with a watch like this. At 36 mm for the club and 37 mm for the Ahoi these watches are essentially unisex, and they would fit perfect on the wrists of just about anybody.