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The Lange Triple Split – The ticket to holy trinity status?

lange triple split front scaled

When A. Lange & Söhne released the double split in 2004 it was a symbol to the watch world that the legendary Brand from Glasshütte is back. Ever since they were relaunched in 1990 the German brand has been producing one awe-inspiring timepiece after another, which for a few years now have granted the brand an honorary place within the holy trinity of watchmaking.


And then comes the triple split, a watch no one asked for, made out of what seems like no purer ambition than a mission to test oneself. After all, this is not like ultra-thin watches where constant competition forces the companies to innovate on a yearly basis or risk falling behind. When it comes to over-top chronographs Lange already was ahead of the game.


lange triple split movement  


This is a statement watch, coming in at 43 mm diameter and with a thickness of almost 16 mm, available only in white gold and limited to 100 pieces, each available for $147,000. Sure, both price and size are hefty. In the crazy world of watchmaking though where everything is relative it makes for an attractive offer, having the same dimensions of the double split and costing as much as an entry Richard Mille.


What is the triple split exactly? I’ll be honest it took me a while to figure out the extents of its potential functionality. In watch nerd talk we are looking here at the worlds first triple rattrapante flyback chronograph. This means that whereas your normal double split Lange can only measure successive events up to 30 minutes this Lange can measure two concurrent events and that up to twelve hours!


lange triple split 1  


Will you ever actually really need this functionality? Maybe if you have multiple pizzas in your oven. Then again I highly doubt that anyone with an actual interest in watches will be able to close their mouth to formulate a critique if they are ever lucky enough to spot this beast in the wild. If this is no entry ticket to the holy trinity club then I don’t know what is!