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The Return Of Ikepod: How Kickstarter Changed The Watch Industry

The Return of the IkePod


It is undeniable that Kickstarter changed the watch world.

The social-financing platform has allowed a huge amount of new players into the market. Offering a wide range of individualism in the sub-1000 euro bracket.

So many in fact that they have a meme in and of itself. While many of the watches that sprung from the website have been forgettable to say the least.

That is not to say that all Kickstarter watches are bad by default and it is indisputable that the platform strengthened the watch community as a whole. 

The fact that the Return of Ikepod will be launched on Kickstarter is a huge acknowledgement for the website and at the same time presents the possibility to create the best watch the website has yet to see.


In case your History needs a little refreshing, Ikepod had already been around since its creation in 1994. It was designed by Marc Newson, a designer known for his smooth geometric lines and an absence of sharp edges.

The company was famous for the UFO looks and were among the first to maker bigger watches trendy (make of that what you want). Both Newson and his co-founder Oliver Ike, however, left the company for it to be bought up in the April of 2017.

The present

The new man in charge, Christian-Louis Col, decided to change more than just where you can buy the watch. True to the spirit of Kickstarter watches the new Ikepod models had to be affordable, or at least significantly more so than the previous models.

General design is pretty much the same as before but manufacturing has now been moved from Switzerland to Hong Kong. With the mechanical movements swapped to Miyota quartz versions.

That does however significantly lower the entry barrier which lies at $590 for the Duopod and $725 for the Chronopod.

It has to be mentioned that right now you can still get them at a discount for the length of the campaign. Which is to the 18th October and that a mechanical version may be released later.

The new designer in charge is Emmanuel Gueit, former employee at Audemars Piguet. Who is most known for his work on the Royal Oak Offshore.


The Ikepod’s will be available in two different versions:

Firstly the Duopod is a time only 42 mm quartz watch while the Chronopod comes in at 44 mm and is a Chronograph.

The elimination of lugs and opting for an integrated bracelet will lead to this watch to wear smaller than the diameter would lead you to believe.

Both watches come on a silicone strap and are available with different combinations of hands and dials. The versions with the engraved dots dial make a statement as they add some welcome texture to an otherwise vanilla design.


While many Kickstarter watches have become somewhat of a running joke among watch enthusiasts. The platform in itself is a great chance to bring some variety into the lower end of the spectrum.

The return of Ikepod shows the potential that we have yet to discover in this new age, making me hopeful for both Ikepod and watches as a whole.