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Insight into the watch collection of David Beckham

David Beckham


If there is one name that has come to embody modern male style in the last couple of decades, that of David Beckham would surely be first on the list for many.

With fashion and fragrance brands baring his name and billboards around the globe carrying his image the former footballer has become one of the most recognised and revered figures in modern history.

So unless you have been living as a hermit since he burst onto the scene with that goal back in 1996 it is likely D.R.J. Beckham MBE will have touched your life in some shape or form over the years.

Watch interests

As such a widely respected and imitated style icon, it is only to be expected that there would be a great deal of interest in the watches David Beckham favours. Perhaps unsurprisingly the former footballer has been an ambassador for a number of watch brands, including Tudor (part of the Rolex family) and Breitling.

david beckham and gordon ramsay pic splashnews com image 2 980434134


Indeed, Beckham seems to be a huge fan of Rolex, even to the extent of being seen comparing Rolex’s with Gordon Ramsey at a basketball game in the U.S!

Having been spotted or snapped sporting an array of the Swiss manufacturer’s models on his wrist at various stages of his career let’s take a look at some of the most famous models that have been associated with him over the years.

Rolex Yachtmaster II

David Beckham was pictured at Tokyo International airport with a yellow gold Yachtmaster II. This professional chronograph was inspired by Rolex’s sailing lineage which dates back to the 1950’s and the model features a clean white dial and countdown timer for competition use. 

David Beckham yellow Gold Rolex Yacht-Master 2


Not content with just one of these Rolex classics, Becks has also been pictured sporting a vintage Yachtmaster, again in yellow gold but this time with a leather “fatstrap.” Interestingly he seems to have a penchant for replacing the straps on certain models within his collection, which may not go down well with the purists but certainly reflects that very individual Beckham style.

Rolex GMT Master

Another watch given the “custom” strap treatment with the original Rolex strap having been replaced by a brown leather fat strap. The version David has been seen sporting is another vintage model, with a brown/beige bezel and nipple dial. It is sometimes referred to as the “Root Beer”.

david beckham vintage Rolex GMT Rootbeer watch


Rolex Submariner

Back when Captain Beckham was the saviour of English sport some wags jokingly suggested he would make the ideal candidate for the next 007.

Perhaps in homage to Bond’s own Submariner (as seen in Dr No) Beckham was snapped for GQ magazine in 2016 wearing an 18kt yellow gold vintage version with grey NATO strap.

In the same issue, David wears another Rolex (possibly an Oyster Precision Datejust) with a leather strap rather than the standard Rolex bracelet.

David Beckham GQ Magazine vintage Rolex Submariner e1672678078184


Rolex Sea Dweller

Amongst all the watches he has worn, it would appear that this is another of his favourites, with at least two models having graced that tattooed wrist. These are a range of exceptional professional divers timepieces engineered to withstand water-pressure of depths of up to 1200 or 3900 depending on the model.

David beckham Deep Sea Seadweller James Cameron


As well as a standard Oystersteel version with 44mm case Beckham has an all-black PVD coated Sea Dweller customised for him by Bamford Watch Department, who specialise in giving a bespoke twist to modern production runs.

David Beckham Blacked out custom Sea Dweller


Rolex Daytona

Named after the International Speedway Circuit and made famous by the likes of Paul Newman, the Cosmograph Daytona has become one of the most valued and highly sought after of Rolex models of all.

It is currently available in a variety of dial and bracelet/strap combinations, each an internationally certified chronometer and precise professional chronograph designed and built to the exacting standards synonymous with Rolex. Recently David Beckham displayed his own choice of Daytona, with his having a stainless steel case with black dial and black ceramic bezel reflecting a typically cool monochrome style.

Rolex Daytona Steel Ceramic Bezel Black Dial 116500LN Shot 3 3

It’s not just about Rolex

Whilst it may seem as though Mr Beckham is a one brand type of guy from the above. If you remember we mentioned at the beginning of this article that he has acted as a brand ambassador for Breitling; given that Breitling actively encourage their customers to experiment with customisation options on their website one can see why they would appeal to him!

David Beckham Breitling 2


He has been seen sporting a various Breitling models, most notably the Transocean Unitime in stainless steel with steel bracelet and also a rose gold variant on a black leather strap. This is a precision chronograph first launched in 1958 which takes many of it’s design influences from Breitling’s aviation roots.


Jacob & Co

In addition Becks is also a fan Jacob & Co., the first one he bought was at their flagship store in New York has a black PVD case with rubber strap and features 5 separate dials, each representing a major time zone.

David Beckham Jacob and Co The Global 3


The second Jacob & Co. piece is from the Epic collection and is a 27 jewel chronograph with date function and 48hr power reserve with similarly chunky styling and black rubber strap.

So, that’s our little insight for you into what one of one of the most iconic men on the planet wears on his wrist.