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8 Best Dive Watches Under $2000 [2024 Full Review]

Doxa Sub 600T Lifestyle Shot - Image Copyright Doxa Press - For Article Best Dive Watches Under $2000

The diver. We all know them,  most of us like ’em, and a few select of us love them. The diver might have humble roots, but that doesn’t mean you should be reserved to a brushed steel case with a poorly designed bezel. Once you pass the $1,500 price point, you start getting into some excellent timepieces. Sure, you might not be able to afford an Omega Seamaster or TAG Heuer Aquaracer, but you will still be able to find something that’ll make you smile. $2,000 isn’t exactly an affordable price to most, so take this list with a grain of salt. 

The Top Picks

Rising to the top of this diver list is the Doxa Sub 600T. Doxa has a rich and decorated history when it comes to divers, and they deserve to be on any list of the best dive watches. Various designs matched with a massive water resistance profile and you have the makings of a true dive watch. Personally, the white dial catches my fancy. 

Doxa Sub 600T Whitepearl - 8 Best Dive Watches Under $2000 - Image Copyright Provided by Doxa Press
Doxa Sub 600T Whitepearl Source

Next on the list is the Marathon GSAR 41mm. Last time Marathon featured in our: 10 Best Dive Watches Under $1000 article, we barely scraped in on the price point. However, the Canadian producer of military-spec tool watches fits in perfectly here. The GSAR is a larger option in their catalogue, which might not be to everyone’s liking, but screw it. If you’re going for a robust diver that looks the business, this is the best choice. 

Marathon GSAR 41mm - 8 Best Dive Watches Under $2000 - Image Copyright Marathon
Marathon GSAR 41mm – Source

Dialling up the functionality in third place is the Mido Ocean Star GMT Two-Tone. Firstly, you get a beautiful bi-tone finish that somehow looks like a Submariner and a GMT Master II met on Tinder. This is just a classic look and offers exceptional value for money at the price point. 

Mido Ocean Star GMT Two-Tone - 8 Best Dive Watches Under $2000 - Image Copyright Amazon
Mido Ocean Star GMT Two-ToneSource
WatchSize (Diameter)Movement Case ConstructionWater Resistance Rating
Doxa Sub 600T40mmSelitta Caliber SW200Stainless steel case with matching bracelet600m
MarathonGSAR 41mm41mmSelitta Caliber SW200Stainless steel case with matching bracelet300m
Mido Ocean Star GMT Two-Tone44mmMido Caliber 80Stainless steel case with rose gold PVD coating and matching bracelet200m
Longines HydroConquest41mm Automatic 888 CaliberStainless steel case, Ceramic Bezel, and stainless steel bracelet300m
FormexREEF42mmSellita Caliber SW300Stainless steel case, Ceramic Bezel, and stainless steel bracelet300m
Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ZO9293 Meteorite40mm STP (Swiss Technology Production) 1-11 Caliber Grey DLC-coated stainless steel case and matching bracelet 200m 
Seiko Prospex 1968 GMT Save the Ocean42mm6R54 Caliber Stainless steel case with matching bracelet200m
Casio G-Shock G-Steel GST-B50048.9mmTough Solar Gold-tinted stainless steel case with matching bracelet200m

8 Best Dive Watches Under $2000 

#1: Doxa Sub 600T

  • Size: 40mm
  • Movement: Selita SW200 
  • Case and Strap Material: Stainless steel case with matching bracelet
  • Water Resistance: 600m

The Doxa brand is one of the most decorated on the list when it comes to actual dive pedigree but still cuts under the radar of those that don’t actually know all that much about dive watches. While the company is most well known for the Sub 300T, which was initially released back in 1967, today I would like to highlight another model that offers a sporty look that is perfect for everyday use but still is the most capable on the list when it comes to underwater use. 

The 600T is a recent model in the line-up and is often described as being more ‘angular’ and ‘aggressive’ – I like that. With a snug 47mm lug-to-lug reading, you might expect the watch to wear remarkably well considering the 40mm diameter – I think it does, but others say otherwise. As you might expect, there are plenty of different dial options available. Perhaps the famous orange dial isn’t a suitable option for formal occasions, but it’s perfect when it comes to actual diving. You also get bezel options, a sandblasted steel insert, or a ceramic insert. 

The movement inside might not be the most refined, but the SW200 is still tried and tested and has been used by various companies for a long time. Pop it on a NATO strap or rubber bracelet if you want to dabble in different colours, but this is an original design but still remains distinctively one of the best options for someone wanting something different than the regular ‘Best Divers’. 

Doxa Sub 600T
  • Plenty of colour options, including the famous orange accents option
  • The 600T is water resistant to 600m, the highest on the list
  • The 40 mm case size is not a 'true' indication of the size and personal preference will be key when considering this option
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#2: Marathon GSAR 41mm

  • Size: 41mm
  • Movement: Selita SW200
  • Case and Strap Material: Stainless steel case with matching bracelet
  • Water Resistance: 300m

Marathon is famous for creating robust tool watches according to Military specs because they actually create watches for the Canadian and US militaries. That said, their finishing methods are up to par with the rest on the list, and they offer something other than the classic design we’re used to. 

The GSAR (Government Search and Rescue) is one of the larger options they offer coming in at 41mm in diameter, but this doesn’t perhaps tell the whole story. For utility (and perhaps to appeal to watch enthusiasts) the lume material used is not Superluminova, but rather Tritium-filled tubes. This does add quite a lot of thickness to the watch, but it is good news for legibility since Tritium doesn’t need light in order to charge. 

The Arctic Edition is the one I would go for. The white dial paired with the black bezel and brushed case creates a striking look that talks the talk while also walking the walk. 300m of water resistance, an Automatic Sellita SW 200 movement, and a sapphire crystal. Hits all the notes. 

Marathon GSAR 41mm
  • Offers a unique design thanks to the Tritium gas tubes
  • Extremely durable case finish
  • Due to the Tritium gas tubes, the watch is remarkably thick, it certainly will not slip under a cuff
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#3: Mido Ocean Star GMT Two-Tone

  • Size: 44mm
  • Movement: Mido Caliber 80
  • Case and Strap Material: Stainless steel case with rose gold PVD coating and matching bracelet
  • Water Resistance: 200m

The Mido Ocean Star is almost on every list of great dive watches as it hits the sweet spot of design, value, and attention to detail. The Ocean Star GMT is not only a good dive watch offering a screw-down crown and 200m of water resistance but has the ‘not so essential feature’ added of a GMT function. 

Despite what some people consider a ‘dive watch’, the addition of the GMT function in the Ocean Star is done extremely elegantly. A deep bezel to allow for the GMT scale along the rehaut combined with gold-lined hour markers and skeleton hands create a highly legible yet interesting dial. 

The gold tone used on the steel is slightly darker than what we’re used to, which helps create a stylish design. Considering wearing this as a daily, functional, yet stylish watch? Good idea. One thing to note – it’s a doozie, 44mm. Wearers have noted the watch does wear slightly smaller, however, it is still worth noting. 

Mido Ocean Star GMT Two-Tone
$1,100.00 $847.00
  • Several different iterations are available, including dial and case configurations
  • Considered a 'true GMT' (12-hour hand can be adjusted independently)
  • The size might limit the wearability of some (44m case)
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07/13/2024 05:40 pm GMT

#4: Longines Hydroconquest

  • Size: 41mm
  • Movement: Automatic 888 Caliber 
  • Case and Strap Material: Stainless steel case, Ceramic Bezel, and stainless steel bracelet
  • Water Resistance: 300m

It was hard not placing the Longines Hydroconquest higher on the list. Perhaps the only thing stopping me was the recent price increase. That said, you get a wearable case diameter of 41mm, an automatic movement based on the ETA A31.L01 calibre, and a ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel. WHAT? For under two grand? 

Going from stride to stride, the Hydroconquest is offered in a host of different colours and schematics, and I’m hoping it gets the same treatment as the Conquest did in mid-2023. You also get different sizes and a quartz movement option. This is perhaps the best of the first dive watches you would consider. 

To keep things premium, the finishing on the case and bracelet are what you would expect of a watch that retails for around $2,000. The bracelet is a recognizable design with polished centre links and brushes end links, but the case looks pretty dang good with a rubber or cloth strap as well. Perhaps the only way to get more configurations is going for an Oris Aquis Date. 

Longines Hydroconquest Ceramic
  • Certainly the best value on the list considering a Ceramic bezel with an 'in-house' movement
  • There are plenty of size, movement, and colour combinations available
  • The crown guards don't look bad, just odd
  • Some of the larger options with rose gold or yellow gold accents are well above $2,000
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07/13/2024 06:06 pm GMT

#5: Formex REEF

  • Size: 42mm
  • Movement: Selita SW300
  • Case and Strap Material: Stainless steel case, Ceramic Bezel, and stainless steel bracelet
  • Water Resistance: 300m

Formex is certainly not the most well-known brand on the market today but they offer something truly unique. Based in Biel, Switzerland, they only started in 1999, but aim to provide high-quality watches that are COSC certified, and accurate within a few seconds a day.

The REEF is presented with a 42 mm diameter case and presents itself in a rather aggressive way, and wears a lot larger than the case size may make it appear. However, the short lugs allow for the watch to be worn by smaller wrist folk as well. Polished and brushed elements are blended beautifully to create dimension in the light. 

A wide variety of colour options are available, my personal favourite being… all of ’em. The dial appears somewhat muted or even matte, and when paired with the exciting watch case, it creates a look like no other. Within, you have the Selita SW300 allowing for 42 hours of power reserve. The movement is also quite thin, which grants the REEF its thin case of merely 11.55mm. 

It surely isn’t a timepiece for everyone. It would suit someone with an active lifestyle and would be comfortable in case you get a bit rough-and-tumble. If you want something a bit off the beaten track with a reasonable price tag, this is undoubtedly good value. That said, it’s still a great diver with 300 m water resistance and a Zirconium oxide ceramic bi-directional bezel. This watch is for everyone who finds the Rolex Submariner a bit plain. 

Formex REEF 300M
  • Offers a COSC-certified movement through an exhibition caseback
  • Bi-directional bezel for ease of timing
  • No lume on the timing bezel
  • The size is pretty big even when considering its diameter
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#6: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Z09293 Meteorite Limited Edition

  • Size: 40mm
  • Movement: STP 1-11
  • Case and Strap Material: Grey DLC-coated stainless steel case and matching bracelet
  • Water Resistance: 200m

Ah, yes, the first limited edition on this list. If you’re too late and you missed this offering, turn back the time and get it. The Super Sea Wolf has a seasoned history starting all the way back in 1958. Safe to say the Zodiac brand and specifically the Sea Wolf is not only iconic but also a watch that enthusiasts will love and appreciate.  

The modern Sea Wolf was an immediate success, offering a 40mm case and rather friendly wearing dimensions. This option dials it up just a tad and offers not only an interesting case material (Grey DLC-coated steel) but also offers something incredibly special – a meteorite dial. 

The meteorite is gathered from the Gibeon meteorite found in Namibia (I was born, like, 100 miles from here, btw!). 

This subtle grey natural artistic dial matches beautifully with the grey DLC coating and when offset with the use of the deep blue of the minute hand and the minute track is something to behold. There is also an option with orange accents, but the blue is certainly more stealthy. 

The movement in charge of time is the STP 1-11 caliber which is based on the ETA 2824-2. This automatic movement provides 44 hours of power reserve, in case the looks of the watch didn’t have you sold already. Oh, it also sports a 200m water resistance rating, so, it might not be the watch a professional diver wars while working, but I can see a diver lover sporting this on a special occasion. 

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Z09293 Meteorite Limited Edition 
  • Certainly the most attractive option on the list (IMHO)
  • Offers a graded and colour-matched unidirectional bezel that's quite thin compared to other options (allows for more of that gorgeous dial)
  • A limited supply of 182 pieces
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#7: Seiko Prospex 1968 GMT Save the Ocean Limited Edition 

  • Size: 42mm
  • Movement: 6R54 Caliber
  • Case and Strap Material: Stainless steel case with matching bracelet
  • Water Resistance: 200m

A diver’s list without a Seiko in it is like a millionaire’s collection without a G-Shock (foreshadowing). Seiko, who we have covered extensively on our blog, specifically in the article Seiko takes on the World: Japanese Dragon vs Swiss Monopoly. They are world famous for producing some of the most loved and respected divers, not purely because of their affordability, but for their ability to listen to fans and produce quality divers with a prime example of this being the production of the Seiko Tuna. This 1968 GMT Save the Ocean Prospex is actually something rather special and was limited to 4,000 pieces worldwide and is a contemporary version of the 1968 Seiko Diver’s watch. 

Your immediate attention is drawn to the light blue dial that seems to have a textured finish. Combined with the darker hue of the ceramic dive bezel and overall brushed case finish, you have a rather handsome yet stylish-looking diver. Of course, you have the added functionality of the GMT function thanks to Seiko’s 6R54 calibre, offering a 72-hour power reserve. It is commonly known as a ‘true GMT’ movement, meaning it allows for the 24-hour hand to be adjusted independently. 

The dial features a minute rehaut on which your 24-hour scale will be displayed, which simply gives more room for the gorgeous dial to shine. The overall case wears smaller than the 42mm diameter would have you believe, and despite Seiko’s reputation for producing sizable divers, this one fits the wrist rather nicely.

Seiko Prospex 1968 GMT Save the Ocean Limited Edition
  • Offers a 'true GMT' movement
  • Features a scratch-resistant ceramic dive bezel with a GMT movement, making this exceptional value for money
  • A limited supply of 4,000 pieces
  • The 4 o'clock crown is something to get used to
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#8: Casio G-Shock G-Steel GST-B500

  • Size: 48.9mm
  • Movement: Tough Solar
  • Case and Strap Material: Gold-tinted stainless steel case with matching bracelet 
  • Water Resistance: 200m 

Every millionaire needs a G-Shock and so does every best diver’s list. From recreational divers to your 14-year-old cousin, we can all appreciate the robust simplicity of a G-Shock. This G-Steel GST-B500 comes in well below the $2,000 mark, so, perhaps you could have two divers for the price of one? Win-win. 

The G-Shock is a cult classic simply because it doesn’t lie about what it is. It’s robust, tough-as-nails, big, and suited for all water sports. This particular model dials the opulence up a tad and sports a gold-tinted stainless steel construction. What’s more, the large 48.9mm diameter certainly makes for a watch that has absolutely no shame in drawing attention to itself. But who cares? It looks awesome! That said, Casio claims this is the slimmest G-Steel to date thanks to the Carbon Core Guard structure. 

Come dive time, you have plenty of features to help – as you might expect. From alarm functions to world-time functionality, you have everything you could ever need (and more). The timepiece also offers Bluetooth connectivity and connects to the newly updated Casio Watches app. Reviews tell us the connection updates to this model not only makes for less complication but are even more eco-friendly as well – if you ever run out of sunlight to charge your watch. 

Casio G-Shock GST-B500
$333.23 $300.00
  • The most functional watch on the list
  • Features Bluetooth connectivity despite its 200m water resistance rating
  • G-Shocks (albeit the slimmer ones) can be chunky
  • Gold might not be your forte, in which case, get a regular steel one
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07/14/2024 01:46 pm GMT

Help! I’m buying my First Diver

For $2,000? Bold move, my friend. Pricing aside, there are obviously a few things you need to look at other than the listed price. These things could make or break your wearing experience, and since this is probably a watch you intend on wearing for at least a couple of years, you should be taking your time: 

  • Size and Looks: Rising above all else is the big question – How does the sucker look? In my opinion, a watch is supposed to make you feel warm on the inside. Fuzzy. Even for something utilitarian as a diver, having something you love that makes you smile is a phenomenal feeling, regardless of the price range. I feel this way wearing a $25 Casio ’cause it was my first watch. I also feel this way while wearing my Cherry Aquis (also a great diver) because it reminds me of my mother. Find something you love above all else.
  • Functionality: At this price, you probably won’t take your watch diving. That said, you would like bragging rights at your next wrist check. If you really need something robust, go for a Marathon. If you need a desk diver, perhaps the Sea Wolf would suit you nicely. Use the correct tools for the job at hand. 
  • Usability: What’s the cheapest way to get a new watch? Get another strap. Your diver should feel at home with a rubber strap, NATO strap, or bracelet. This isn’t essential, but it does make a watch a lot more useful.


How deep can dive watches actually go?

Since the diving capabilities of the watch depend on the construction techniques and premium materials used, the depth to which watches can actually go varies greatly between one another. The industry standard is at least 100m; however, heavy hitters might go past 10,000m. 

Are dive watches suitable for everyday wear?

What is considered ‘everyday’ depends from person to person. Sure, any watch can be worn daily, and if your diver isn’t too large or bulky there is nothing stopping you. 

Are dive watches battery-powered or automatic?

All watches come with either a quartz battery system or an automatic movement (hand or self-winding). Quartz movements are more accurate and less expensive, but automatic movements are more sought-after. 

Are all dive watches ISO certified?

No, not all watches are ISO certified, seeing as they need to meet specific requirements according to the ISO. 

Final Thoughts

Again, $2,000 isn’t small change and you should think carefully before you put down this large amount of cash. That said, there are some truly amazing options at this price point, and the options only get more interesting moving forward. The top three remain king for a reason: value. The amount of watch you are getting for the cash is unmatched, and even the likes of some of the others like the Longines or Sea Wolf are still fantastic options regardless. 

Coming back to ‘How to buy a Diver’, buy what you love. Always. 

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