So, How Much Is A Rolex Watch?

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Rolex are the most popular and well known watch brand in the world. There is no doubt you will have heard of the Swiss heavyweight and chances are you’d probably love to get your hands on a Rolex too.


Rolex is a true legend of the watch market; founded over 100 years ago, they are known the world over for their beautifully designed, high specification pieces.

As part of their rise to global domination, the brand has stayed consistent throughout the years a symbol of style and success, it was recently voted the 64th most powerful brand in the world by Forbes.


The status of a Rolex watch doesn’t always come cheap, given the brand’s stature and quality, not everyone can grab themselves their very own luxury Swiss wristwatch.


So let’s tackle the big question here, how much really is a Rolex?


With many different models and configurations to choose from, we’ll take a look at which Rolex you can pick up with your hard earned cash…


Oyster Range


The Oyster Range is a great place to start our tour through the Rolex pieces as it represents everything fantastic about the brand. It’s classic style mean it never goes out of fashion with its steel interior giving it a robust and sturdy feeling on the wrist.

Img Source: https://www.bqwatches.com/blog/entry-level-rolex-watches-new-collectors/


The Oyster can be found brand new at a relatively modest £3,900 for the 26” model up to around £4700 for the whooping 39 inch-er. As with most Rolex models, added configurations can be made but expect those to increase the price.


For those on a tighter budget, some very good condition second hand models of the Oyster can be found online, starting as low as £650. Whilst you may have to compromise on the customisation options, a bargain can definitely be found to help you become the proud owner of a Rolex watch.


Looking for something with a little more ‘wow’ factor?


Submariner Range


Arguably one of the most recognisable watches Rolex manufactures, the Submariner Range has lasted the test of time since its first release in 1953. The Submariner represents a twist on the Oyster we have seen above, bringing in dial and bezel changes to become a legend in its own right.


The standard Submariner and the ‘Submariner Date’ kick off at around £6,000 new, reaching up and above £25,000 for certain models. As you move through the ranges some very classy customisations can be found, including our personal favourite the Yellow Gold and Blue Cerachrom design.

Image Source: https://www.rolex.com/watches/submariner/m116618lb-0003.html


With the Submariner being around for such a long time, pre-owned models are commonly found. As with the Oyster, deals are there to be had for different customisation options starting at around £4,000.


Rolex GMT Master Range


Featured in our Arnold Schwarzenegger article, the GMT Master Range was a groundbreaking piece at the time of its release in the 1950’s. The GMT master was created in collaboration with Pan Am Airways, giving transatlantic airline pilots the tool to track the minutes and hours across different time zones.


Since the 1950’s, the GMT Master, now in its second version, has remained popular due to its classic design and robust DNA. Brand new, the steel version of the GMT Master II will set you back around £6,000 with the premium White Gold editions taking the buyer past £30,000.

Image Source – https://www.wristreview.com

Bargains are relatively easy to come by for the GMT Master, with pre-owned models commonly found around £5,000. Be sure to keep an eye out though – there are subtle differences between the GMT Master and the GMT Master II, with prices for the latter being higher, be sure you get the right model when shopping the second hand market.


Sky-Dweller Range


Launched in 2012, the Sky-Dweller represents a new breed of Rolex watches. Moving away from the old, the Sky-Dweller combines intricate design styles with state of the art movements to introduce a new standard in luxury watchmaking.

Image Source – http://aviandco.com/rolex-sky-dweller-18k-everose-gold-watch-sundust-dial-326935.html


Depending on the model, the Sky-Dweller has up to 14 unique patents and as such, doesn’t come cheap. The Steel and White Gold model will set the buyer back around £10,000 with the stunning Everose Gold causing a real dent to the bank balance at over £35,000.


As the Sky-Dweller is still quite a young watch the pre-owned market doesn’t offer much in terms of depreciation. Those who search hard enough may find a £1,000 – £2,500 reduction on the more premium models in the range.  


Pearlmaster Range


All of the watches we have seen so far have followed Rolex’s relatively smooth and sturdy design style. The next piece Rolex class as their ‘crown jewel.’ The Pearlmaster follows the exquisite design lines which Rolex are known for whilst adding a sparkling touch.


Only found in 18ct Yellow, White or Everose gold, the Pearlmaster’s dazzling gemsets of Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond really help it stand out from the crowd.


As you would expect, a watch of this calibre will demand a higher price tag. Customisation options are wide ranging for the Pearlmaster with the entry level pieces come in around £23,000 whilst the premium models are strictly on an enquiry cost basis.

Image Source – https://www.rolex.com/watches/pearlmaster.html


Older, less glamorous versions of the Pearlmaster can be found below £10,000 but for the truly eye catching pieces expect to be paying up towards £20,000 even within the pre-owned market.  


Cellini Range


The last watch in our list is a true outsider to the pieces which have come before it, the Rolex Cellini. This range has a very contemporary look and feel and by Rolex’s own admission, is a nod to the classic watchmakers of the past.


The main difference here is that the Cellini range takes a simple style approach whilst utilising only leather straps across all models. In keeping with the traditional timekeeping approach, many of the Cellini models incorporate a classic moonphase design feature – appealing straight to the old school wristwatch market.


The entry level Cellini range such as the simple ‘Time’ model will cost the buyer around £11,000. If a more premium look and feel is required, the 2017 Cellini ‘Moonphase’ drops in just under the 20k mark at £19,700.

Image Source – http://uk.businessinsider.com/rolex-releasing-the-cellini-moonphase-2017-3?r=US&IR=T


With the Cellini’s simple yet timeless style, it has been going strong for a while with a second hand piece easy to find. An entry level Cellini can be found for under £1,500 and as such make it a fantastic way to get on the Rolex ladder.  


Daytona Range


The Rolex Daytona is arguably the most popular Rolex watch found worldwide. Originally created with racing drivers in mind, the Daytona gives the wearer the ability to track speeds of up to 400 miles per hour.

Given its stylish looks and added functionality, it’s not hard to see why, since 1963, it has been one of Rolex’s best sellers across the planet. The Daytona owned by legendary actor and race car driver Paul Newman, recently sold for a whopping £17,000,000 – the most expensive Rolex ever sold!


The new Cosmograph Daytona can be picked up today for anywhere between £9,000 – £30,000, with the most premium Platinum models retailing for upwards of £60,000.


Due to its popularity, there are many Daytona watches on the market and depending on style, a pre-owned model can be picked up for around £6,000. We think that’s a bargain for a truly stunning piece of classic Swiss engineering!  


Rolex’s reign at the top of the watch market has been constant for a long while now and with style and quality assured, shows no sign of changing.The timekeeping heavyweight churn out over 2000 watches a day from their factories due to their huge popularity across the Globe.

With a classic style to suit every taste, there is a Rolex out there for everyone with some great bargains to be had. So, which Rolex is your favourite?

Check out our range of Rolex watches here to find the piece you’ve always dreamed of.

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