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Grab Yourself a Bargain With The Cheapest TAG Heuer

Tag Heuer 1

TAG Heuer’s history goes back a mighty long way – the Swiss watchmakers legacy traces all the way back to the 1860’s when Edouard Heuer founded Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG, which translates to English as Heuer Watchmaking Inc.

But for the first 50 or so years of their life, TAG didn’t touch the wristwatch market and instead made their name in the commercial and industrial timekeeping space, focusing on keeping automobiles, aircraft and complex machinery in sync. It wasn’t until 1914 that TAG decided to put their efforts into wrist timekeeping and since then, they haven’t looked back.

Fast forward to 2018 and Tag are one of the world most popular brands worldwide with millions of pieces sold each year. We recently took a look at worldwide luxury watch popularity and Tag Heuer were the third most popular behind Rolex and Omega.

TAG’s popularity is no mere fluke – they pride themselves on creating luxury Swiss watches that rival the competition in grace and style but beat them on robustness and price. So you’re probably thinking that whilst a little cheaper, getting your hands on a TAG Heuer piece will still set you back some way? We’re going to take a look at the cheapest TAG’s on the market and see how you can get your very own luxury Swiss masterpiece!


TAG Heuer Formula 1

The first watch we’re going to take a look at is the TAG Heuer Formula 1, the entry-level sports watch that combines style and durability. Inspired by TAG’s sponsorship of the largest motorsport franchise in the world, the Formula 1 boasts a striking black dial, with a handy date function all housed within 41mm stainless steel case.

TAG Heuer Formula 1Source

As with all modern watch ranges, the Formula 1 can be picked up in a variety of different variants which, in this instance, focus mainly around the strap which can be found in rubber, canvas or stainless steel links. What’s assured across the range is the 200m water resistance as well as the classic TAG Quartz movement to ensure you’re always in the race with perfect timekeeping precision.

The Formula 1 is one of TAG’s most popular entry level models and equipped with the rubber strap can be picked up for around £1,200 directly from TAG. Despite this, a little shopping around and you can get off the mark with your very own brand new Formula 1 for around £850. It really is a very classy piece and one which we’d definitely recommend to get started!      


TAG Heuer Aquaracer

As the name suggests, our second piece comes from TAG’s long running specialist driving range, the Aquaracer. A watch that has developed and changed since its release in 2005, it incorporates classic TAG stylings alongside the robust hallmarks of a truly professional diving watch.

The sturdy steel case is complimented by a unidirectional bezel making it the perfect tool for tracking the time either on land or deep at sea. The contrast of the matte black dial and luminous hour markers and hands, make the Aquaracer perfect for reading when submerged in the darkest depths. As to be expected from a specialist sports diving watch, the Aquaracer is waterproof to 500m and utilises a supreme Quartz movement to guarantee accuracy across the elements.   

Tag Heuer Aqua Racer


Despite its high end specs, the Aquaracer can still be picked up at a fairly modest price. As with the Formula 1, the Aquaracer can be picked up direct from TAG for around £1,200 – meaning the decision between the two comes entirely down to design preference. Further bargains can be be found on the pre-owned market with older versions of the Aquaracer picked up for around £500.


TAG Heuer Carrera

The Carrera is an iconic piece in TAG’s history – being the centerpiece of the wider Tag range since it’s first introduction in 1963 and then its subsequent relaunch in the late 1990’s. In particular, we’re going to focus on the Calibre 5 model, which is currently one of the entry level pieces on TAG’s own website.

Taking inspiration from the early high speed racing watches, the Carrera’s classic and simple design style made it popular both on and off the track with its easy to read dial and solid, robust makeup. The Calibre 5 in question incorporates a highly polished dial, marker and hand combination, coupling it with a handy date indicator and up to 100m water resistance.

TAG Heuer Carrera


The Calibre 5 is matched perfectly with the black alligator strap with a high-end TAG automatic movement found under the hood. But despite this high quality exterior, the Carrera Calibe 5 can be purchased at a relatively modest price at just over £2,000 from TAG direct. With the Carrera having such a rich history, finding a preowned model is easy work and is often accompanied with a huge discount. Calibre 5’s can commonly be found under £1,000 if you’re willing to go second hand.  

The Carrera range is sure to have something for everyone with both their mens and womens ranges. Broken down into separate Calibres, the Carrera’s really do very between the classic and simplistic stylings of the Calibre 5 all the way up to the dynamic and complex functionalities of the Calibre 16 (seen below!) Take a look at the wider range and you’re sure to find something you love!

TAG Heuer Carrera


The Wrap Up!

Even though TAG are one of the most popular Swiss watch makers on the market, you don’t have to be part of the super rich to get your very own piece. The Formula 1, Aquaracer and Carrera are all great ways to get onto the TAG Heuer ladder without having to shell out huge amounts. As always, with many of these ranges having long legacies, getting onto the preowned market may often be the best way to go to get a true bargain!


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