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The Cheapest Hublot Watches on The Market


Updated April 2020

One of the world’s most iconic watch brands, since 1980 Hublot has been working to push the boundaries of watchmaking whilst becoming a household name for many. The Hublot brand comes from a long line of watch making royalty, after founder Carlo Crocco decided to branch out on his own, history was immediately made with Hublot’s distinctive design style.

Despite Hublot’s relatively slow sales volumes following launch, when Crocco decided to bring in legendary watch CEO Jean-Claude Biver, the fortunes of the Swiss brand shot up! In the years that followed, Hublot have had a number of iconic pieces, partnerships with Ferrari and Manchester United and are the go-to brand for a number of big names in the music, film and sport industries.

Despite this monumental success, Hublot have a number of watches which can fit into the budget of the average watch fan. You too can get your hands on the stylish Swiss heavyweight, so let’s take a look at some of the cheapest Hublot watches on the market… It’s time to answer the question:

How much does a Hublot watch cost?

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Hublot Classic Fusion: From c. £2,000 (Used) / £6,500 (New)

Hublot Big Bang: From c. £4,000 (Used) / £9,000 (New)

Hublot King Power: From c. £6,000 (Used) / £10,000 (New)

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang: From c. £10,000 (Used) / £16,000 (New)

Hublot Masterpiece: From c. £55,000 (Used) / £114,000 (New)

Hublot Classic Fusion

As the name suggest, the Classic Fusion emcompassess the classic look and feel of the Hublot brand. With the name Hublot coming from the French word for ‘Porthole’ – it’s of no surprise that the Classic Fusion is very rounded in it’s aesthetics. Ranging from 33-42mm in size and utilising the intricate self-winding, HUB 1112 movement, the Classic Fusion is a great entry-level gateway to Swiss luxury.  

The Fusion styling dates right back to Hublot’s inception in 1980 but the brand relaunched the Classic Fusion model in 2010 to give it an updated, modern twist. As with any large range, the Classic Fusion has a number of different styling options to choose from. The above model combines a smooth, blue leather strap and face with a slick titanium case.

hublot classic fusion


If you’d like to get your hands on your very own Hublot, the Classic Fusion is a great route to take. Starting brand new at around £6,500 from Hublot the Classic Fusion’s entry level stylings can be picked up for a modest investment. For those on a slightly smaller budget, a Classic Fusion can be picked up for as low as £2,000 for a good condition, pre-owned model.

April 2020 Update – The price for an entry level Classic Fusion remains the same when shopping directly from Hublot but if you shop around trusted jewellery and watch retailers we’ve seen prices fall to below £4,500. Pre-owned prices remain roughly the same, but as always, expect to pick up an older model. 

If the price point above is still a little rich, we recommend searching around for a Hublot Classic (MDM.) Whilst retailed from Hublot as a Ladies watch, many people consider them Unisex so depending on taste, this could be an option for anyone. The watch has a simple styling which you will instantly see inspired the Classic Fusion range. These do not retail brand new from Hublot anymore so pre owned models will be your go to, with prices commonly found either side of the £1,000 mark. An example of the S139.10.1 model is pictured below. 

Hublot MDM Classic

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Hublot Big Bang

The Big Bang has been Hublot’s most popular watch since it’s launch in 2005 – despite the success, it still very much divides opinion from watch fans! Despite it’s classic Hublot look and feel, the Big Bang takes the Fusion concept and gives it a further complex and diverse twist both in its aesthetics and it’s engineering.


Hublot BB

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The stand out feature of the Big Bang is it’s mixture of unexpected materials to create a truly unique watch. Starting off with materials such as Titanium and Ceramic, the Big Bang range can include exotic Sapphire, Gold and Carbon alloys. Pushing the boundaries of design and accuracy, the Big Bang utilises the 330 hand-crafted component Unico movement to ensure you’re never a moment off the pace.

If you’re looking to get onto the Hublot market with a Big Bang, expect to shell out a little more than for a Fusion Classic. Brand new, a Big Bang can be found around the £10,000 mark, with some specific styles and configurations dropping down to around £9,000. With so many variations, pre-owned deals are common to come by with some low spec models coming in at around £4,000.

April 2020 Update – Great news for Big Bang fans as our update in 2020 has brought some price drop updates. Models such as the ‘Steel Diamonds’ (Ref no. 361.SX.1270.RX.1104) are now retailing at £8,600 with some new additions such as the ‘One Click’ (pictured above) entering the range at £13,900.

Hublot King Power

Whilst an extension of the Big Bang range, the King Power’s intricacies make it a watch which has its own place in today’s collection. The King Power is like the Big Bang on steroids – it’s takes all that is great about it’s predecessor whilst incorporating some stunning design twists to make it a truly eye-catching piece.

By utilising multi-layered dials and incorporating the first use of Vulcanized Natural Rubber within the strap, the King Power has become a collectors items in its own right. Following its initial success with watch enthusiasts worldwide, Hublot went on to release a number of Limited Editions such as the one pictured below, the Paris Saint Germain model. Featuring the French football giant’s club crest and iconic red, white and blue colours, this King Power really is a showstopper for football and time keeping fans alike.

HUblot King Power

The King Power’s stunning looks put it a cut above the standard Big Bang and this is reflected in the price. Brand new, some lower spec models can be found at around £10,000 with big-discount bargains to be had on a pre-owned King Power at under £6,000.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang

Following the success of the Big Bang, Hublot decided to release a follow up, the Spirit of Big Bang, in 2014. It’s unique barrel shaped case and classic Hublot complexity make it a legend in its own right whilst paying homage to the classics that have come before it.  

The Spirit of Big Bang brings in a skeleton face design to show of the watch’s intricate movements, comes in both 42 and 45mm sizes to suit many tastes and utilises the HUB 4700, self winding, highly accurate movement. As we have now come to expect with Hublot, there are a number of different design and style options with the Spirit of Big Bang including the 250 Limited Edition Sapphire version shown below.

hublot spirit of big bang sapphire 601jx0120rt


Finding a Spirit of Big Bang on the market can often be a tricky task given it’s youth in the watch market. For the entry-level pieces, you can expect to pay around £20,000 brand new. If you’re looking to make a slight saving, a pre-owned model of a similar spec can be found in certain places online for around £15,000. The Spirit of Big Bang is a truly stunning piece, so be sure to take your time when selecting the right one for you!

April 2020 Update – As with the regular Big Bang we see some price drops when we take another look at the Spirit of Big Bang range in 2020. Prices for the lower range models, such as the ‘Moonphase Titanium’ now fall as low as £15,600 from Hublot direct or as low as £13,000 from trusted watch retailers. Pre owned prices also take a tumble with deals found commonly under £10,000 – it’s a great time to grab a bargain on a Spirit of Big Bang piece!

Hublot Masterpiece (MP)

As if the magic of the Big Bang and Fusion classics just wasn’t enough, Hublot have extended their technicality and ambition for amazing timepieces with their latest collection – The Masterpiece (MP) range. Taking the world by storm, Hublot came into collaboration with Ferrari most recently to take the MP range to the next level.

hublot mp 07


A true statement of precision engineering and groundbreaking technology, the MP range encapsulates the motto of CEO Jean-Claude Biver – “More watchmaking, more mastery, more innovation!” None of the MP range are mass produced and as such can all be considered to be limited edition, collectors items with brand new pieces only commonly found on a enquiry-only basis.

If you’re looking to get your hands on an item from the illusive MP range, the MP-06 (dedicated to legendary race driver Ayrton Senna) can be found commonly online at around £60,000. If you’re after something even more special, we were incredibly lucky to have the MP-07 (pictured above) with us at Watch & Bullion – and it’s a true beauty of precision engineering!

April 2020 Update – The Hublot MP range still retains its mastery and allure but there are some bargains to be had. Whilst Hublot only sell the ‘Techframe’ and ‘MP-09’ models directly, coming in at £114,000 and £157,000 respectively, if you don’t mind an older model then the pre owned market might be the place for you. Models of both the ‘MP-06’ and ‘MP-11’ can be found around the £53,000 mark from trusted retailers.

To Wrap Up….

Hublot’s iconic status as one of the world best, luxury Swiss brands has been cemented with the recent success of the Fusion Classic and Big Bang models. Showing no signs of slowing down, the Spirit of Big Bang and MP collections look set to take the world even further by storm over the coming years. Due to it’s iconic design and supreme popularity, a Hublot watch does often come at a cost, but bargains are there to be found. For some of the cheapest bargains, keep an eye out for a Classic Fusion or Big Bang – both found new at under £10,000!

At Watch & Bullion, we’ve always got some fantastic Hublot’s in stock, so if you’re out there searching for a Swiss bargain, check out our stock here.