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5 Best Hybrid Smartwatches for Women (That Aren’t Ugly)

Women’s Hybrid Smartwatch Review by Watch & Bullion

As technology grows, it was inevitable digitisation would extend to our wrists bringing with it sweeping changes for the watch market! But, for those with a love of traditional watchmaking, smartwatches have divided opinion. 

It’s hard to deny smartwatches are pretty cool. Syncing in with other devices gives you quick access to notifications, phone calls and even helps with tracking workouts. 

The big criticism of smartwatches is the aesthetic. Unless your taste is futuristic, initial smartwatches left much to be desired in design terms. But in recent times hybrid smartwatches have sought to bridge the gap between digital functionality and traditional stylish design. And whilst hybrids are available for men and women, it’s the women’s ranges that have really boomed!

So, let’s take a look at some of the best womens hybrid smartwatches on the market and where you can pick one up for a bargain price. 

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Best Classic Design – Fossil Women’s Jacqueline

If you want to keep the look and feel of a classic watch with some handy digital functions thrown in, the Fossil Jacqueline is a great place to start! 

Fossil have been making fashion watches for men and women since the 1980’s and are a hugely popular brand worldwide. The Jacqueline incorporates the Fossil Women DNA with a small face, jewel-like stylings and a thin 14mm band. 

Whilst this particular model comes in rose gold, it’s easy to swap out the straps to customise the design to your taste. 

From a ‘smart’ point of view, the Jacqueline just dips it’s toe into to digital features. This watch doesn’t incorporate a digital screen, instead it uses hour hand gestures and short vibrations to indicate configurable notifications. For example, you may set Facebook notifications to point to the 2 o’clock position accompanied by a short buzz.

It also tracks activity and sleep alongside being waterproof – so no need to worry about getting it wet. Despite its use of Bluetooth 4.1, it doesn’t need charging, instead it uses a coin cell battery that lasts up to 6 months! 

You can get your hands on a Fossil Jacqueline here.

Best for Style – Withings Steel HR

If you’re looking to strike the perfect balance between classic watch style and digital functionality, the Withings Steel HR is a favourite of ours! Withings are a fairly new brand, specialising in stylish digital technology and are known for their great range of hybrid smartwatches.

Whilst we’ll focus on the blue/rose gold model, the Steel HR comes in a range of different style options matching rose gold//gold/white/steel/black dials with a number of different bad options. All of the models mix classy analog stylings with a small circular digital screen found just underneath the 12 o’clock position with a power indicator occupying the space between 5 and 7 o’clock.

The Steel HR is packed with digital features, incorporating activity, heart rate and sleep monitoring alongside app notifications, voice commands and GPS tracking. You’ll get an average battery life of 25 days and 50m of water resistance so the watch also has some durability. 

Browse some of the various Steel HR models below!

Best for Sports – Garmin vívomove Style

For those interested in sports watches, Garmin will be a name you know well. The brand was founded on their innovative use of GPS making them a leading name in sport watches ( especially running) since 1989. If you’re looking for a watch that mixes style with sporting excellence, this one’s for you!

The vivomove Style represents a slight shift for Garmin, focusing on making this watch more ‘traditionally’ stylish rather than just great for matching with gymwear. As with the Steel HR from Withings, the Garmin has a huge range of different models with different colours to suit every taste.

It incorporates a stylish and simple watch face with baton style-hands that aren’t impeded by any digital display when the watch is in ‘hidden’ mode.

This watch is also packed with digital features including tracking for heart rate, steps, sleep & stress alongside notifications, Garmin Pay and GPS. Despite the packed feature set you’ll still get 5 days use from a single charge and up to 10 days in ‘watch only’ mode. 

Fancy a Garmin vívomove Style? Take a look below!

Best for Price – 3Plus Callie

If you want a budget smartwatch that doesn’t compromise style, we’d recommend taking a look at the 3Plus Callie. 

You’d be forgiven for not being familiar with 3Plus – the American brand is fairly new to the market, and as a technology company they aren’t involved in traditional timekeeping! 

The Callie is unique in that it combines analog hands with a full digital watch face. What does this mean? It means you can change how your watch face looks – whether you opt for a simple plain face or want to throw a date indicator or a small seconds hand, you have the power to customise it how you like. 

It’s got great digital features too allowing the wearer to track activities such as steps and sleep alongside notifications from your favourite apps.

As you’ll have noted from the category, the 3Plus comes in significantly cheaper than the other watches we’ve looked at as it ommisses key features like GPS tracking, contactless payments and a longer battery life. 

Want to grab a bargain with the 3Plus Callie? Check it out on Amazon here!

Best for Standing Out – Kate Spade New York Metro

The last watch we’ll look at takes the mixing of traditional and smart watches and gives it a super quirky design twist. The Metro from Kate Spade New York is the perfect hybrid for those looking for something a little different!

Aesthetically, it matches a white face with a light gold case and marking colours for a soft but classy look. Kate Spade’s classic spade icons can be found across the watch including at the 12 o’clock position and on the buttons. At the 6 o’clock position there’s a champagne glass illustration alongside what looks like a power meter – we’ll explain what this is for later on!

Similar to the Fossil Jacqueline, the Metro utilises programmable hand gestures to manage notifications and calls from your phone. It also incorporates features such as step and sleep tracking, as well as being able to use the buttons on the side for functions such as taking a picture from your phone or silencing an alarm. 

For those with grand plans, the champagne meter at 6 o’clock is used to countdown your next big event. Simply program the watch using your phone and the meter will fill as your big event approaches – a nice feature for those that like the excitement of fun plans!

Fancy something different with the Kate Spade New York Metro? Take a peek below!

To Finish Up…

As the world continues to become more and more digital, hybrid smartwatches are combining great tech with classic and classy watch design! 

Obviously there are some big names out there such as Apple and Fitbit if you want pure tech, but some of the well known fashion watch brands are offering a nice mix for those that want a smartwatch with a difference. 

Fossil and Garmin especially have a range of different hybrid watches above and beyond the ones we’ve shown – so make sure to have a shop around to find the womens hybrid smartwatch that’s perfect for you!

We hope you enjoyed this roundup and for now, happy watch shopping!