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7 of the Best Seiko Kinetic Watches

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Besides producing watches of the highest quality, Seiko is always developing new technology to ensure its products are as efficient as possible. And, as usual, Seiko put a great effort into developing a powerful movement of Kinetic watches as well. 

For that reason, we have crafted a list of the 7 best Seiko Kinetic watches with their most prominent features. Let’s dive in.

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1. Seiko Men’s Stainless Steel Kinetic Watch SKA791P1

Why do we like it? – Nice design with the combination of brown leather strap and green dial case. 

Seiko kinetic watches are all about innovation and sophistication, and so is this Seiko SKA791P1. This beautiful timepiece is round in shape with a hardlex dial window. It has an analogue display with stainless steel case and bezel. 

Seiko Men's Stainless Steel Kinetic Watch SKA791P1 - 7 of the Best Seiko Kinetic Watches

The watch has a 43mm case diameter with an 11mm case thickness. These features tell us that this is not the slimmest Seiko timepiece out there, but it is still a pretty good size wrist-wise. When it comes to its band, the watch has a brownish leather bracelet with a clasp buckle and a beautiful green dial that goes so well with such a strap. 

Seiko SKA791P1 is also a water-resistant watch with 10 bar or 330 feet resistance pressure. And last but not least, this beautiful timepiece has kinetic movement. This means that you can wear this watch and almost never have to worry about its battery.

2. Seiko Men’s Watch SKA773

Why do we like it? – Elegant and sophisticated timepiece. Very modest yet very classic with a beautiful colour tone combination. 

This watch is like a little black dress for a woman. Every man should own it. It is very classy and elegant, yet it is not too much so you can wear it on even less formal occasions. When we first take a look, we cannot notice the rose-gold hands that go beautifully in contrast with the white background. Also, a dark brown leather band perfectly matches with the watch’s stainless steel case. 

Seiko Kinetic Men's Watch SKA773

Seiko Analog SKA773 has a 42mm case size and 11mm thickness. The watch also features a crown with the push/pull mechanism, Roman numerals marked at 6 and 12 o’clock, and a date display at the 3 o’clock position. 

Besides these basic characteristics, the watch also features 100 meters or 330 feet of water resistance and, of course, kinetic, auto-quartz movement. It is so elegant, neat, yet perfectly stylish.

 3. Seiko Men’s Watch SKA234

Why do we like it? – Attractive two-tone coloured case with coin edge details. 

Seiko SKA234 is a very modest yet very well-crafted watch, both design and quality-wise. It has everything you need in an everyday watch, including hardlex dial window material, with a classic stainless steel case and band. With 39mm case thickness, such a timepiece goes perfectly with men with smaller or slimmer wrists. 

Seiko Men's Watch SKA234

The watch has beautiful green lines on the band as well as on the case, while the hour mark and minute mark are in the same tone colour. Beautifully coloured hands go so well because of the grey dial. This breaks out the silver watch’s monotony while adding a dash of elegance and sophistication. 

Also, this watch is water resistant up to 165 feet or around 50 meters, and it features powerful kinetic movement. In a fully charged state, the watch should last up to 6 months, and it will recharge again once when it is moved.

4. Seiko Kinetic Watch SKA767P1

Why do we like it? – Clean minimalist, & modest wristwatch design. 

If you prefer a silver steel strap watch with minimalistic features and one colour-tone timepiece, this one is definitely for you. Seiko SKA767P1 does not feature luminant colours or hands, additional colours to break out the monotony, does not feature extra chronograph subdials, or similar. 

Seiko Kinetic Watch SKA767P1

This watch is certainly attractive for minimalists It is an all-silver, stainless steel timepiece featuring 12mm case thickness and 42mm case diameter. It has a round shape, a silver-tone strap, and a push/pull crown mechanism. Of course, the hands are in the same silver-tone colour, and the watch has a date calendar positioned at 3 o’clock. 

The Seiko SKA767P1 is resistant to 100 meters or around 330 feet which is pretty good and has kinetic quartz movement. Overall, while someone will not like this watch, we do prefer it because it can simply go with everything!

5. Seiko Premier Kinetic Men’s Wrist Watch SNP141P1 

Why do we like it? – Exudes power with appealing Roman numerals and a sapphire dial window. 

Seiko SNP141P1 is a mighty watch that features scratch-resistant sapphire on the dial window, which may influence the price of the watch. However, it is still totally worth it and justified taking into account its features.

Seiko Premier Kinetic Men's Wrist Watch SNP141P1

The timepiece is 13mm thick with 42.9mm case diameter. When it comes to its band, it is made of stainless steel with 20mm thickness and deployment clasp. Even though the silver colour is the one that prevails, the dial is in black, which creates an excellent contrast with the silver-toned hands and numerals. 

Besides these basic features, Seiko Kinetic SNP141P1 has a perpetual calendar, a date display at 12 o’clock, a month Indicator, and a leap year indicator. Apart from these great characteristics, this timepiece is water resistant up to 100 meters or 330 feet. 

Overall, when we consider all these incredible features that this watch has, the price is totally justified. 

6. Seiko Kinetic Men’s Watch SKA771

Why do we like it? – Classy, old-time-looking design with some modern details that never go out of style.

Another beautiful timepiece of the Seiko collection that cannot be missed. Seiko SKA771P1, at first sight, resembles an old-timer watch; however, at a second look, you can notice some modern details. 

Seiko Kinetic Men's Watch SKA771

What makes this watch so classy is its black calfskin leather, thick, just around 22mm with the tang clasp. Now, the case is popular Japanese stainless steel with a 42.3mm case size and 12mm thickness, which goes perfectly with the strap. 

When it comes to the case back, it is transparent; however, the hands are in a beautiful blue colour that really stands out from the whole one-colour design. The numerals are Roman and are marked at 6 and 12 o’clock. 

Besides these, the wristwatch also has a pull/push crown mechanism and a date display positioned at three o’clock. As per usual for Seiko Kinetic watches, this one is also resistant up to 100 meters or 330 feet. 

7. Seiko Premier Kinetic Men’s Watch SNP159

Why do we like it? – The watch is just the right balance of powerful yet elegant design and great features and, thus, suitable for almost all occasions. 

Last but not least is super balanced Seiko SNP159. Let’s start with this timepiece band and case, which are both crafted of stainless steel material. The bracelet is 22m thick with a fold-over and push button release mechanism. When it comes to the case, it is 42.6mm in size and 11.2mm thick with the classic round shape.

Seiko Premier Kinetic Men's Watch SNP159

As for the dial, it features scratch-resistant sapphire with blue hands and two sub-dials – 24-hour and month & leap year. The watch also has the date display positioned underneath the 12 o’clock and perpetual date. But that’s not all; this wrist timepiece also features a GMT feature and a second-time zone.

And, of course, such a beautiful Seiko dress watch is resistant to 100 meters/330 feet which is expected for this kind of timepiece. 


If you are not informed, Kinetic watches are powered by movement. When you swing or move your arm, an oscillating weight inside the watch moves. As a result, a number of gears turn, generating electricity in a small generator that charges the capacitor. Simply put – Your watch will never run out of battery!

And Seiko, as the first creator of this kind of movement, today has to offer a wide variety of Kinetic watches with their own distinctive features. For that reason, we crafted 7 best Seiko Kinetic watches according to our taste. However, we also took into consideration the quality, the price range, and of course, the overall style. Therefore, we are absolutely sure that you can find at least one that will suit your needs, because that’s what Seiko does!

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