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5 Of The Most Popular White Dial Seiko Watches

Seiko cover scaled

There’s something about a white dial watch that just oozes class. Found most commonly on dress and sports watches, a white dial makes any watch feel clean and sleek regardless of what else is on the dial. 

In the affordable watch market, there aren’t many better brands than Seiko. The Japanese watchmaker is famous for its combination of great specs and eye-catching design whilst keeping the price relatively low. 

This article will bring the two together and pull out our picks for the five best white dial Seikos on the market. We’ll compare a range of different sport, dress and dive models on their specs and design, as well as giving you an idea of their current retail price. 

Let’s get going! 

What Makes It Great: A simple, compact and stylish white dial sports watch with an automatic movement for a budget price.

To get started, we’ve pulled out an all-around great watch on a ridiculously small budget. The Seiko SNXF05 is part of Seiko’s 5 range, one of the most popular sports watch ranges in the world. 

This model, in particular, is super compact at just 37mm, which may be too small for some but will appeal to those guys with smaller wrists. The stainless steel bracelet and case are relatively standard but come together to create a sleek all-around finish. 

Seiko 5 Men’s Automatic SNXF05 White Dial

As we head onto the dial, we get a square pattern that many reviewers liken to the type of graph paper you’d get at school. Sayings that the design really works and is matched together with a combination of silver/black hour markers, baton hands and a day/date window at 3 o’clock. 

Inside the case, you’ve actually got a 21 jewel automatic movement which is great for a watch at this price point. Naturally, don’t expect to receive super-accurate time, but you’ll get a decent 41 hours of power reserve from the 21,600 bph engine.

The best part of this watch is the price. At around $110, there aren’t many better budget options available on the market that tick so many boxes. Naturally, you won’t get the super glossy finish you’ll see with some of our other picks, but if you want an excellent spec white dial Seiko on a tight budget, what more could you ask for?

What Makes It Great: A white dial dress watch that combines a stylish brown leather strap and chronograph features to create something a little different. 

If instead, you’re looking for a dress watch, the SSB095 model is our first pick of the day. The great thing about this watch is that it combines the style of a dress watch with some great technical chronograph features – something which isn’t always associated with the dress category. 

This 42mm piece brings together a lovely white dial and deep blue hand combination, which is popular on modern white dial watches. The dial is a little busy, squeezing in three chronograph dials for 60 second, 60 minute and 24-hour tracking, alongside a tachymeter on the chapter ring and a small date window at 4 o’clock. 

Seiko Chronograph White Dial Men’s Watch SSB095

A calibre 6T63 quartz movement powers all of that timekeeping with the watch itself waterproof to 100m. There’s a hardlex crystal to keep it all safe, too, with the brown leather calfskin strap feeling nice on the wrist for a budget watch. 

Talking of budget, if you like what you see with the SSB095, you’ll only need to be spending around $120. That’s a pretty good price for a dress watch that combines a hell of a lot of timekeeping power and has that little bit extra durability thanks to the 100m of water resistance. Whilst the dial may be a bit busy for some, if you want a watch that does it all, this white dial Seiko could be for you. 

What Makes It Great: Liked the first two watches? Here’s a sports watch that brings all those chronograph features together in a solid and sleek steel package. 

The third pick for today is a great combination of the first two watches we’ve seen. For those that like mid-size steel sports watches but want some additional chronograph features, we’ve got you covered!

The Seiko Chronograph SSB025 comes in at 40mm but looks like a much bigger, bulkier watch. On the dial, we see a really nice white/silver/ice blue combination that makes the watch look light and fresh even though the dial is again quite busy. 

Similar to our last chronograph, the dial features tracking through 60 second, 60 minute and 24-hour windows and adds a date window at 4 o’clock. But, this time, we see the tachymeter form part of an external bezel. That’s probably good, too, as there really isn’t any room to have it on the dial anyway. 

Seiko Men's Steel Chronograph SSB025 White Dial

You’ve also got the same 6T63 movement, hardlex crystal and 100m of water resistance that we saw beforehand. Because of that additional steel bracelet, the price of this watch bumps up a little to $145. 

Again, this is a pretty good price for a steel sports watch that is packed with functionality – so if you liked the previous two watches and want a great combination, this is an awesome chronograph enabled sports watch on a really affordable budget! 

What Makes It Great: A member of the famous Seiko Prospex range. A great diver for serious underwater adventurers with a sleek white dial (not often seen with divers).

If you’re into diving, the next watch is going to be for you. One of Seiko’s most popular and well known modern ranges is their Prospex collection. These watches are optimised for underwater diving and build on Seiko’s legacy in this field. 

This specific model, the SRPE37, is somewhat rare in the dive market as it features a white dial. Most dive watches go with a dark coloured dial to make reading the lume markings and hands a lot easier. 

Like most dive watches though, this is a beast coming in at a whopping 44mm. Outside the dial, you get a uni-directional bezel that’s great for keeping track of your time underwater. The white dial itself features a square patterning with the markings around the outside large and rectangular in shape with thick coatings of Seiko’s Lumibrite. 

Seiko Prospex Men's Dive Watch SRPE37 White Dial

The hands come together in a baton/arrow combo with a cyclops lens over the top of a date window at 3 o’clock. The movement inside is automatic, with a solid 41 hours of power reserve that ensures you can keep diving for a while. This dive watch is certified down to 200m and features a sapphire crystal to withstand the inevitable bumps and scrapes of an underwater excursion. 

We really take a step up in price here as the SRPE37 can be found for around $430. Whereas our other watches so far have been casual beaters, this is a specialised dive watch, and as such, the price here is relatively standard. If you’re a diving fan that’s looking for a white dialled Seiko, we’d recommend the SRPE37. 

What Makes It Great: A premium white dial Seiko watch that’s the perfect dress piece for a formal occasion thanks to its style, simplicity and class. 

To finish up, we’ve gone fancy and picked out the Seiko Presage Line SARX033 model. Those who commonly read the Watch & Bullion blog will know we recently featured this watch in our Seiko SARB035 alternatives review, and it’s one of the nicest white dial Seiko’s out there.

The 41mm model matches a sleek, super-clear coated dial with deep navy blue dauphine hands, classic Seiko hour markings and a subtle date window to pull together an understated and classy design. The dial is spotless and looks gorgeous at all light angles, something which has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated

Seiko Presage Line SARX033 White Dial

With this watch, you’re also getting a high-quality 6R15 23J automatic movement with 50 hours of power reserve and accuracy to +/- 15 seconds. This is all protected by a high-quality sapphire crystal that’s safe down to 100m of water resistance.

This is the most expensive watch we’ve featured in our roundup today, and prices start at around $850. For this, you’re getting a very premium Seiko watch with the sort of detail and finishing you won’t see in the other sports/dress watches we’ve featured. We’d absolutely recommend this watch if you’re after a white dial Seiko for classy, formal occasions. 


There’s no denying that white dial watches look great on the wrist. White alone creates and clean and fresh design on any dial, no matter if it’s paired with steel or leather. 

If you’re shopping in the affordable watch category, Seiko is one of the best brands to consider, and they do a range of awesome white dial watches. There’s something for everyone here, too, with models across the sports, dress, and dive categories. 

We’ve just picked out our five favourites from today, but do shop around as there are a whole host of different options on the market to suit every taste!