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Watch shopping in Maastricht: Leon Martens

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I have lived in Maastricht for two years so far, and it is a place where my passion for watches has grown strongly. I‘ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve stared through the glass walls which separate me from the mechanical wonders that loom behind them.

Today I’d like to introduce one of my personal favourite stores which I visit regularly: Leon Martens Fine Jewellery and Watches


The shop is located on the Stationsstraat 39-41, in the scenic city part of Wyck. You’ll find the shop next to Hermes, on a long cobblestone street which showcases the beautiful architecture of Maastricht, leading from the central train station right into the heart of the city.

For a showcase of horological beauty, you just need to step inside the shop. You will be greeted by soft lights and minimalistic wooden interior, displaying the watches in all their beauty. A carpet floor, comfortable chairs, a view onto the garden, and a room filled with natural light makes this a exquisitely relaxing environment to browse for watches. Here we find the likes of Patek Philippe, Rolex, A. Lange & Söhne, Cartier, Panerai and much much more.


The store has been a family operation for 109 years, and for their 100th anniversary A. Lange and Söhne celebrated by creating a limited edition world timer with Maastricht as city code. This helps illustrate the good relationship Leon Marten enjoys with the manufacturers. Of course, such horological importance can only exist through exceptionally knowledgeable staff.


All this has made Leon Martens a hotspot for watch collectors from all over the Netherlands and the northern part of Europe. While Rolex is the most popular choice for customers, their informed clients have a broad taste.

If you get the chance to visit Maastricht, I recommend popping by for a visit.