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My visit to F. P. Journe Paris

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It was midnight as I took a stroll in Paris through the world famous Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, home not only to the highest end luxury fashion but also Mr.François Hollande. By chance I happened to find myself in front of a stunning marble building bearing the letters F.P. Journe.


Determined to return, and after some phone calls to arrange a meeting, I found myself at the gates of the boutique. I rang the door bell and passed the double security door to enter one of the most tasteful and unique stores worldwide.

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The impressive exterior was only complimented by the interior, which was either designed or personally chosen by Mr. Journe himself. The effort and attention to detail was undeniable.

The store manager guided me around and showed me the VIP room. It featured not only a lounge but also a bar. A perfect place for watch lovers to enjoy a good champagne or whisky, and even cigars are an option to ensure all your needs are satisfied.

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As a special treat I was led into what is arguably the heart of the store, the in-house workshop. Here the watchmaker can take care of everything but minute repeaters, and that at an astonishingly fast rate of 6 weeks for a complete service.

To round things of we got to sit down and get our hands on some watches. I was given an Octa Automique, which was the world’s first mechanical movement with automatic winding and a power reserve of over 120 hours.

Next I was handed the Chronomètre Bleu, which boasts an impeccable finish. The use of tantalum for the case helps this piece stand out, the grayish metal giving a cool shine with an ever so slight touch of blue. This is complimented by the blue dial which is made of several hand applied and mirror polished layers of blue lacquer which grant an electric experience, shifting from one tone to another.


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