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Top Ten Summer Watches

Top 10 summer watches:


Summer is here and in Gibraltar we know the cost of a hot summer on your timepiece. The temperature and sweat are known to challenge your fine wristwatches, so what better reason and time to reward yourself with a watch. Don’t break a sweat, we already have some suggestions!


  1. Omega Planet Ocean:


Omega is known for their watches being reliable companions particularly for sports. This is achieved by an innovative spirit and rich history. The Planet Ocean, and particularly the striking orange version, follows those tracks and has found a place in the heart of watch lovers all around. Since 2005 the Planet Ocean offers a technologically more adventurous model compared to the Seamaster. The result is a watch found on the wrists of adventurers around the planet.


  1. Patek Philippe Aquanaut:


The name Patek Philippe can usually be found on the back rows of a Rolls-Royce or inside the worlds most influential board rooms, less so on a beach. What a shame thought not only watch enthusiast but also Patek Philippe themselves. Along comes the aquanaut. What used to be the black sheep of the brand has become a fan favourite, and comfortably found its place not only on the beach but also in the Patek range.


  1. F P Journe Octa sport indy:


You’d have to be insane to risk taking one of F P Journe horological masterpieces to the beach right? Well, not if you chose the Octa sport indy. An ultra light aluminium case, a slim profile, and a rubber strap give this watch an impressively sporty feel yet retaining that masterful movement- This makes it the perfect summer watch for those who look for something more horoligicaly impressive. Further it has a 120 hour power reserve and is limited to only 99 pieces worldwide.


  1. Bell & Ross GMT:


Originally a producer for cockpit watches in the aviation industry Bell & Ross has now has become famous for their highly legible timepieces, presenting not only the time but also  unique design. Big bold indices and hands make sure to not let you down in the heat of the moment, while the GMT function will come in handy for those who traveling to distant vacations. This is perfected by the stealthy black case and the functional rubber bracelet.


  1. Rolex Submariner:


I think you’d struggle finding a list of summer watches complete without the Rolex Submariner. Built to last this watch could be found on the wrists of both the military and James bond. Nowadays it is probably the most famous watch in the world, a true icon this watch will be your reliable companion in any environment you find yourself in.


  1. Casio G-Shock:


While it may look a bit out of place next to its pears on this list, the G-Shock is a perfect Match if you are on a budget. Recognised and appreciated by a wide range of watch enthusiasts this is the watch of modern day military. If you have an active lifestyle and are looking for something where you wont have to worry, look no further and indulge in the many models and impressive history.


  1. Tudor Heritage Black Bay:


What was formally known as a more budget conscious option to the Rolex Submariner has developed to become much more. Now an established watch standing on its own feet, the black bay comes in a wide range of colours. Rolex casing joined by a refreshing sense of creativity this is one of the hottest summer watches.


  1. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver:


Audermars Piguet is world famous for their connection to sports. The bold design of the royal oak offshore has been seen to be a clear favourite for sports icons, leaving one to forget that they remain to be highly delicate and intricate timepieces. The Royal Oak Offshore Diver however shares more than just the looks of a tough watch. Currently the probably toughest watch in the line up, this is for those who want to go for a swim in style.


  1. Grand Seiko Quartz Diver


We recently talked about the perks of a quartz watch in our blog on the Heuer 1000 here which we found to be one of the most authentic choices if you are going to be in a challenging environment. Unfortunately however you’ll face a disappointingly limited pool of watches if you are looking for quartz at a high level. Lucky for us that Grand Seiko has blessed the watch community with a watch that takes a lot of gut to create. For anyone that hasn’t yet given this watch a look, I can truly recommend it, the finishing being nothing short of perfect this is the modern luxury watch which comfortably can still be considered a tool.


  1. Nomos Ahoi:


The Brand Nomos demands respect. They managed to take the industry in a swing, working themselves to become one of the most recognisable names in the market with their fair pricing, honest approach, and modern design. The Nomos Ahoi is made to accompany you to the beach, the boat, and everything in between. Ahoi is a german greeting among sailors, and the bracelet is made out of the same material you can find in the lockers of water parks all across Germany. This watch comes at a competitive price for those who look for a conversation piece.