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Watches are a homage to our most sacred art, that of time keeping.


They are reminders that the same seconds of our day will never be repeated, that every ticking moment is unique and are quite simply put a homage to our lives.


Always remember that we only have the present moment and everything else is just a deviation from that thing we call life.


Celebrate pain in the same way we celebrate joy as every single moment shapes our future selves, tell people what you think and don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today, life is precious and we don’t realize this until its time to go.


Time ticks along to the beat of our hearts, we are here for a journey, to be the harvest of this earth, plant seeds of growth that will blossom into beacons of light.


Liberate your thoughts from the prison of the mind; don’t take to the grave the ideas that could change the world, be the spark that ignites the light that will overcome the dark.


Start living today as if you are going to die tomorrow.