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Three is the magic number

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For today’s modern gentleman the wristwatch has become the most important accessory.

Three is regarded as the ideal number of watches every man should own, if budgeting permits. One for sport, another for work and the third is the dress watch, the perfect compliment to a classic tuxedo.

They have a powerful effect on a man’s image. Just as woman select jewellery to add elements of class and style to there outfit so too will a man’s wristwatch.  “Your clothes highlight elements of your style and say something about yourself to the world; a watch holds the same connotations.” A pair of bad shoes can degrade the image of a person onto someone else as it tarnishes their look. Your watch can either highlight class in your image, or dampen it with a tatty air.

Watches are statements. Of who you are. What you’ve achieved. They are extensions of you as they are one extension of your personality.

They are bold statements. They catch the attention of others; sometimes more than the car you drive.

Some people dismiss the importance of a good watch. They see them as things of the past what with everyone being able to tell the time on their phones nowadays. But the fact that there’s still a thriving watch business today only proves how desirable a piece the watch remains.

They have stood as a mark of a man’s excellence.

The man’s watch.

Still a timeless classic.