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The Things That Make Us – Luxury Watches

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I have loved luxury watches since the day I found out not everybody could afford one. It seems like yesterday when I first saw that beautiful piece in stainless steel and gold, it stared at me with its defined lines and glaring blue face. It’s bold presence and adorning crown instantly had me asking what it was and how I could have one. Since then timepieces became an object of desire, one that only grew stronger the more I learnt about them.

Luxury Watches Article Illustration - Rolex Submariner from 1999

Throughout the years I have been fortunate enough to have a very close relationship with the world of horology and the people that consume them. There is a great power that comes with focusing on what excites us, passion is the gateway to great risks that will fuel our greatest future endeavours. It is our true calling to be passionate in a world where the masses dictate trends and we can sometimes find ourselves lost in the myriad of distractions that disconnect us from source.

There is one thing that I love more than that of appreciating a watchmaker’s representation of time, and that is the look on other’s faces when that passion is shared. In that instance, it does not matter who that person is, where they come from, or what they do, as we are both united by a common interest that only those with that distinct spark in their eyes will understand.

 A quality timepiece is an expression of one’s inner passion to create something with a soul for those who are searching.

Luxury Watches Article - Breguet Movement Illustration

It is a homage to those that respect craftsmanship and things done well in a world where everything comes with an expiry date. Watches are extensions of one’s personality, benchmarks to particular periods in our lives, and silent companions that are with us through the good and the bad.

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