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The Rolex Day-Date Omani Dial

Rolex Day Date Diamonds Omani Dial Year 1982 Ref530 1024x659 1


A symbol of excellence and prestige, Rolex has been the watch of choice for world leaders and influential figures around the world, today we present to you this green-lacquered “Stella” dial made for the Sultanate of Oman in 1982.


To a collector, the rarity factor will command a desire to own a Rolex watch with Oman logo.


As far as the true vintage Rolex collector, if one can take position and ownership on a rare timepiece aforementioned, the watch speaks for itself.


The beauty & significance of the Oman emblem on a Rolex has been a subject of fascination for anyone that sets eyes on it.


Much beyond the logo lies the national association, history of men in action, and a collaboration between a country and a Swiss watch manufacturer, the romantic notion that is attached to these watches is second to none.


A Rolex watch is not just a tool for telling time, the stories behind their strategic alliances spurs passionate Rolex collectors on with each and every differentiated variation.


Every sighting of an Oman dial is just simply put – scarce and rare.


This is a unique chance to own this stunning piece in impeccable condition; it has undergone a full inspection and is accompanied by a 12-month warranty alongside a report from Romain Réas specialist watch department.