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The Patek 5370P – Patience Pays

Patek Philippe 5370 split seconds chronograph

The Watch game is a waiting game and doesn’t always seem to make sense. Brands tend to know what the collectors desire, yet let us wait anyway. How is it that we had a Leopard Rolex (I still haven’t forgiven you for that one Rolex) before getting back a Pepsi GMT master in steel?

It is how it is in any waiting game, patience pays. Picture perfect proof of this is the Patek Philippe 5370P Split-Seconds Chronograph, a watch which does just about everything right, and is fully aware of that.




This model is a flawless execution of one of the most coveted complications to date. The Split Second chronograph holds a long history in Patek’s history books. It has been 40 years since the last time Patek blessed us with a two button no frills split second chronograph, and to celebrate this the Genevans decided to push all the right buttons with this model.

What without a doubt stands at the forefront of the model is the enamel dial. Made out of white gold, it gets baked at 850° C only to then undergo a complicated cooling process. What follows is a three hour polishing period to produce a black so rich it sucks light and attention likewise.




On the dial we find white gold Breguet numerals and Feuille (leaf shaped) hands creating a classical appeal. The white lettering looks great against the deep black background. Further, its contrast to the white gold indices creates a harmonious balance providing a comfortable legibility.

Next to the jaw-dropping dial the 5370P boasts a perfectly finished movement housed in one of the most tasteful cases I have seen a long time. The dimensions are modern at 41 mm diameter, and with 13.5 mm in height competitively placed to ensure comfort and practicality.




The Patek 5370P is like that pretty girl who owns her beauty, and we love her for it all the more. Already called a classic, this model grants to hope to all out there still waiting for their dream watch.