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The Panerai Pam 111 – The Perfect Panerai

Panerai Pam 111 Caseback 1024x640 1

One of the perks of working in a watch shop as an enthusiast is that you are surrounded by what you love all day long. For me that means wearing, dealing, and writing about some of the most sought after watches in the world.

And the watch you’d have probably found me sporting most when running around Gibraltar for watch shoots or interviews was the Panerai Pam 111. A watch I have come to find to be one of the best summer watches.

My personal taste was always one for simplicity in watches. I enjoy seeing how setting ourselves limitations can breed innovation in ways we have not thought of before. Sceptical of the size yet intrigued by the design when I heard Jordan tell me that a Pam 111 will be coming into the store I was on the hook.

A few days of wearing this classic and I am certain to have found a future piece for my collection.

The first thing I learned through wearing this watch is that true to the history of the brand this really is a tool watch. The large size and stunning sandwich dial is in it¹s readability beyond anything I have ever experienced. The fear this size would compromise wearability was washed away when recognising much to my delight the ingenuity of this proven design. The lugs do an exemplary job at hugging the wrist, and the manual wind movement helps keep the profile from growing too big.


Delivered with two straps and a changing tool for an easy, fast, and secure replacement is just one of the features which explains the loyalty of the so called Paneristi to the brand. I personally opted for the rubber strap, a perfect choice for sunny Gibraltar and adding an aquatic charm appealing to the history of the brand as a dive watch manufacturer.

Another one of those iconic quirks is the crown. Big and bold it allows easy operation and is secured through a unique system which adds character to the watch. A lever secures the crown from involuntary movement and can be lifted for operation. This lever in turn is secured through a crown guard surrounding the whole crown to provide uncompromised safety.

The beauty of simplicity is perfectly captured in this watch from all sides. On the front the time only sandwich dial provides excellent visibility in dark environments through the strong lume. The small seconds hand on a sub dial lets you know on a glance that your watch is running without cluttering up the precious real estate on the dial.

On the back we find an exhibition caseback showcasing the movement. The movement was kept to be as simple as possible, and is provided with a subtle finishing. I have come to appreciate the calming site of this bare bone design, and from a durability perspective less parts mean less breaking points.

The Panerai Pam 111 combines all the elements I love in a good watch. A strong history, a comfortable wearing experience, and a design which finds beauty in striving for functionality.