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The Breitling Sprint – The 1960s compressed in a Watch

Breitling Sprint 1

The Moon Landing, the Vietnam War, the Beatles, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy.

Should we be surprised that the 1960s crafted some of the worlds most interesting watches?

Before brands identified themselves by models which are classics today we were blessed by an array of pieces hinting at all the possible routes brands might have taken. If you wanted to succeed in this adventurous time your products had to convince.


Breitling Sprint 2


Breitling has achieved a sense of adventure in the design of this watch which can be traced all throughout the language of the watch by using striking marriages of form. The soft oval curves along the silhouette of the case find a sharp end at the leather strap which breaks both in colour and texture. These voluntary style breaks which capture the revolutionary spirit of the sixties can be further found in the hands. Sharp and geometric with a striking orange second counter this is sure to not only secure the sight of the wearer, but also his surroundings.

This wishful juxtaposition of high contrast elements is best demonstrated in the dial. The white circle in the middle highlights the sub-dials against the surrounding black which fades all the way into the Tachymeter.


Breitling Sprint Movement


The intent of the design is clear. This watch wants to stand out. It wants to be seen in one of the most memorable eras of our history. And it does so with a bravery which we so seldom are still blessed to run across nowadays.

The Breitling Sprint is a product of a different time, aged gracefully into an identifiable piece of history.