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Seiko 4R35 vs. 4R36 – What’s the Difference?

Seiko 5 SRPD93

When it comes to excellent budget-friendly watch movements, there aren’t many manufacturers better than Seiko. If you’re a frequent reader of the W&B blog, you’ll know we’ve featured their movements before, and today, we’re back with another comparison. 

In this article, we’ll put the Seiko 4R35 and the 4R36 side-by-side. After we’ve learned a little more about each movement, we’ll compare their specs and showcase some of the best watches which feature each engine.

Let’s get started! 

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Seiko 4R35 vs Seiko 4R36 – Manufacturer & Movement Comparison

While you may know Seiko for their watches, they’re also prolific when it comes to what’s inside the case. Their movements aren’t just used in their own watches, but they often tweak their highest-performing engines and sell them to other brands. 

It’s easy to tell the difference, though, with the ‘4R’ naming used for in-house models and the slightly adapted ‘4H’ models available for sale online. 

The Seiko 4R family is a highly dependable, work-horse-like movement and an evolution of the legendary Seiko 7S movements. All of 4R the family operate at 21,600 bph and measure 27.4 mm in diameter by 5.32 mm in height.

Both the 4R35 and 4R36 started life in 2010 and, at the time of writing, are still in production across a range of Seiko dress, sports, and dive watches. 

But let’s get on and answer the real question – what’s the difference between the 4R35 and 4R36?

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The simple answer? Not a lot. They are almost identical movements in every way, except for one thing, the 4R35 has a date complication, and the 4R36 has a day/date complication. Aside from that, the movements are identical, delivering the same reliable performance, power reserve, and accuracy. 

So, when it comes to picking between the two movements, it really comes down to the complication. If you’re happy with just a date window, the 4R35 will do. If you’d like to take it further with a day/date complication, go for the 4R36. 

Seiko 4R35 vs. Seiko 4R36- Side-by-Side Specs

Now you’re up to speed with Seiko’s movement history and the 4R35 and the 4R36, let’s put their specs side-by-side to see how they shape up technically – spoiler alert, they’re pretty similar! 

Seiko 4R35Seiko 4R36
Movement TypeAutomaticAutomatic
FunctionsHours, minutes, central seconds, date windowHours, minutes, central seconds, day/date window
Thickness5.32 mm5.32 mm
Diameter27.40 mm27.40 mm
Lift Angle53 Degrees53 Degrees
Frequency21,600 vibrations per hour21,600 vibrations per hour
Number of Hands33
Power Reserve40 hours40 hours
Hacking SecondsYesYes
Hand WindableYesYes
Accuracy (Per Day)-35 ~ +45 seconds per day-35 ~ +45 seconds per day
Shock System Seiko DiashockSeiko Diashock
Country of OriginJapanJapan

The Verdict: As we mentioned above both watches are identical apart from the complication. If you need that day window, go for the 4R36, if not, go for the 4R35.

Seiko 4R35 vs. Seiko 4R36 – Stand-Out Watches

With the comparisons done, it’s time to check out some watches! Here are four standout watches that use either the Seiko 4R35 or 4R36 movements.

Seiko 4R35 #1 – Presage Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch SRPD42J1

You’ll see a dress watch theme when it comes to our 4R35 models, and that’s because we’ve pulled out two great Seiko Presage models. This model, in particular, the SRPD42J1, is a beauty, combining a gorgeous white dial with a stylish rose gold casing. 

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The leather strap and rose gold buckle also add a touch of class, with the slender hands and rectangular markings cementing this as a very premium dress watch. The build quality is top-notch as well, with a sapphire crystal combined with an exhibition case back to balance off durability and fun. 

As an all-around package, this would look great on the wrist at any formal event, and thanks to that powerful 4R35 movement, you’ll have no worries when it comes to the timekeeping too. Bring this all together, and you’ve got a $700 premium dress watch, perfect for the big occasion! 

Seiko 4R35 #2 – Seiko Presage Cocktail 4R35 Automatic SRPE19J1

If you’re a fan of Seiko, you’ll likely have come across at least one of their Cocktail Time watches. This SRPE19J1 model looks great thanks to the gorgeous sunburst dial, mixed together with the dauphine hands and arrow-tip hour markers. 

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A sapphire crystal protects all that style, with the stainless steel case blending into the bracelet seamlessly to create a classy and elegant feel. On the dial, you’ve got that date window, as we’d expect from the 4R35 movement, with the seconds hand accented blue to contrast the dial nicely. 

At just 40.5mm, Cocktail Time models are perfect for those with slender wrists, delivering understated style for anyone who wears one. If you like what you see, this watch comes in at around $400, which we think is an absolute steal. Movement aside, we don’t think you’ll find a nicer dress watch at that price point anywhere else! 

Seiko 4R36 #1 – Seiko Men’s Analogue Automatic Watch Seiko 5 Sports

While the 4R35’s date window lends nicely to dress watches, the day/date combination of the 4R36 is much better suited to sportier pieces. That’s true here, with our first pick coming in the shape of the Seiko 5 Sports SRPD51K2 model. 

6 IrIUI6CPnO uHf4EdUwv56f79 y8hWQzXmghileffKnJO3WPb2vWcXenOd49eLCgnqe34RqvKZ

This sporty dive watch is absolutely gorgeous thanks to the deep blue dial, bezel, and strap contrasting nicely against the stainless steel of the case and crown. The 43mm piece is a great size for those looking to get some diving in, with the uni-directional bezel adding extra functionality for tracking time underwater. 

You’ll notice that the day/date window at 3 o’clock offers the additional complication versus the 4R35 without crowding out the dial. The markings here are all covered in high-powered lume, with the hardlex crystal, screw-down crown, and 100m of water resistance delivering a solid dive-watch capability. 

Cost-wise, you’re looking at around $150 for this watch which is a great price for a robust, high-quality dive watch!  

Seiko 4R36 #2 – 5 Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch SRPE57K1

Our last watch of the day harks back to some of the themes we saw with the 4R35 as we uncover a dress/sports watch combo from the SRPE57K1 model. This is a great watch for those that want a sporty, stylish piece that still delivers classy looks and solid performance. 

FodRbxcTkJFnMAY923OelZb7BNl0UIvmWqj3CZWNvv96 ifqSXHT8Wss sCp c66XMT7ho48QATDbZxdnxzcoi7EiouQ7dHxBW2HvAlpirCFvMTlAw0tX7rANgw tkpmuRg1lD5s

This 40mm watch combines a stainless steel case and bracelet with a black/gold dial that actually works really well. Like with our previous sports watch, you’ve got a combination of arrow hands and circular markers, all of which are covered in lume to make the watch easy to read at night. 

A mineral crystal, 100m of water resistance, and a day/date window are also added here, ensuring that sporty style is backed up by solid performance. If you like this hybrid-feeling watch, it can be yours for just under $200 from popular online retailers!


When it comes to the battle of the Seiko 4R35 and 4R36 movements, there’s really not much to choose between them. Ultimately, it comes down to the one significant difference, the 4R35’s date window or the 4R36’s day/date window. 

Given that the date window lends itself to dress watches and the day/date to more sporty pieces, it’s likely to come down to the watch itself rather than the specifics of the movement inside the case! 

Either way, you’re getting a solid and reliable movement from Seiko, one of the world’s best manufacturers of high-quality, affordable watch movements.