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Rolex and Social Media

When a company as traditional as Rolex decides to expand into the realms of social media this is as radical a change as the Pope announcing he’s hanging up his cassock and forming a Sex Pistols tribute act.

Founded 110 years ago Rolex’s principle guiding’s of precision and excellence have dictated them to only make subtle changes after strenuous deliberation to their products. It’s because of this that they are iconic symbols of: class, elegance, style and excellence. “The watches are accessories to history itself.”

Hence why the move onto the social media platform was an extreme step for the master craftsmen, contradicting their heedful business attitudes. This is not a company that does random. They risked tarnishing their stance of legendary class and cheapening it with degradation smears in the social media whirlpools of descending morality.

But the company flourished on the social media stage. Conductively manipulating the connectivity with clientele to identify what will matter in the future. Ruling with a regal air they only say what they feel’s necessary, never degrading their brand with meaningless clutter online.

Rolex have rejuvenated themselves whilst retaining their moral values of quality over quantity.

They’re symbols of tradition connecting with new generations. The Golden Glorious Old becoming desirable to the Colourful Young. Today’s generation are On-Line masses of instant connectivity and modernisation, and still they’ve made their mark amongst them. As is Rolex’s custom, they do nothing without excelling at the task.

Rolex’s jump into the deep universe of social media has ensured that their gems of illustrious craftsmanship remain iconic symbols of style for another 110 years’ time.