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Rolex Datejust 6305 – The beauty of Patina

Rolex Datejust Vintage 1955 Ref 6305 Shot 3

No brand is more iconic than Rolex, and no Rolex is more iconic than the Datejust. Despite its popularity though, you are sure to have a very rare watch with this piece.

This Rolex Datejust from 1955, which makes it a product of the first design era (1945-1957), is a true collectors piece for a wide range of reasons.

A testament to this watch being one of the last of its kind is that it is lacking the now famous cyclops magnifying glass for the date window. These were only introduced in 1954 for a few select models, but soon became the new standard for every Rolex with a date. This makes the few remaining non-cyclops Rolex with a date largely desirable.


Rolex-Datejust-Vintage-1955 (1)


What really makes this piece stand out though is its dial. It has aged beautifully, and with its rich golden tone, and honey-like character, it perfectly compliments the yellow-gold case, hands, and markers. On this dial we can see that both the ‘Datejust’ and the water rating are written in red, a small detail of great importance to collectors, and which is highly coveted throughout the Rolex lineup. To match the red lettering we also have a red date, all in all creating a very well balanced dial, the key feature of any vintage Rolex.

The case on this watch is equally impressive. It is unpolished so it maintains its original edges and sharpness, something that has proven near impossible to find on such an old watch. Additionally the case is engraved ‘Brevet’ which is French for ‘patented’. This was later exchanged for alternative options, and yet again demonstrates the collectibility of the watch. All this is rounded off with a raised plexiglass and the world famous fluted bezel of the Datejust line, which makes for an iconic silhouette that any watch fan could recognize.

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