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A Celebration of Timeless Innovation: The Legacy Machine No2

MBF Legacy Machine No2 Palladium Banner

In 2013, the Legacy Machine No2 (LM2) emerged as an astonishing interpretation of traditional mechanical watchmaking, leaving watch enthusiasts spellbound. A decade later, in 2023, MB&F is delighted to unveil a new palladium case for the LM2, featuring an alluring aquamarine sunray dial that radiates pale green, grey, and blue tones. This new rendition of the iconic LM2 offers a mesmerizing view of its hypnotic engine, encased within a discreet yet precious shell.

MBF Legacy Machine No2 (LM2) Lifestyle Wrist Shot
Source – MB&F

Tribute to Masters of the past

Legacy Machines pay tribute to the significant horological inventions of history’s greatest watchmakers. The LM2’s modern design, characterized by its dual flying balances suspended above the dial, is a nod to the genius of Abraham-Louis Breguet, Ferdinand Berthoud, and Antide Janvier. These 18th-century horological legends are united by their creative prowess and the creation of clocks and watches with two balances.

Technical description

The LM2’s dual balance wheels, oscillating in lofty harmony, were inspired by the rare dual regulator mechanism. In an exceptional display of micro-engineering, most dual regulators are connected to a single-gear train via a differential, a feature unique to the LM2.

Underneath a domed sapphire crystal cupola lies the LM2’s symmetrical dial. The white stretched lacquer sub-dial at 12 o’clock, with its blued hour and minute hands, is visually balanced by the large, raised differential at 6 o’clock. The two flying balances and their escapements mirror each other, even down to the position of their stud holders pinning the balance springs.

MBF Legacy Machine No2 (LM2) Profile Shot
Source – MB&F

The planetary differential, sitting proudly atop the dial, is the heart of the LM2. This complex, high-precision mechanism fulfils three roles: transferring power to the regulators, receiving individual timing rates from each balance, and transmitting the average rate to the gear train, which is displayed as time.

The LM2’s movement was developed by award-winning watchmaker Jean-François Mojon and his team at Chronode. At the same time, Kari Voutilainen ensured the movement’s aesthetic style and superlative hand-finishing were consistent with high-quality traditional timepieces of the 19th century. The new Palladium edition features a deep anthracite NAC finish, adding character to this precious timepiece. In the spirit of transparency, the names of the two men responsible for the movement are engraved on the back.

MBF Legacy Machine No2 (LM2) Caseback Shot
Source – MB&F

Two and a half centuries after the world’s greatest watchmakers introduced dual-balance wheels, MB&F celebrates their trailblazing work with the LM2. Since its launch in 2013, various limited editions have been introduced, culminating in the latest Palladium model, limited to just 18 pieces.

MBF Legacy Machine No2 (LM2) Duo Shot
Source – MB&F


Maximilian Büsser’s fascination with 18th and 19th-century pocket watches inspired the creation of the LM2. The period’s imaginative and precise craftsmanship laid the foundation for the complications we see today. Büsser sought to pay homage to this rich tradition by envisioning the timepieces he might have created if he had been born a century earlier, in 1867.


With its dual flying balances, raised planetary differential, historical bridge designs, and classical fine finishing, the Legacy Machine No2 is a passionate celebration of the historical dual regulator watches that continue to captivate horology enthusiasts worldwide. This captivating timepiece not only pays tribute to the past but also embraces the future, proving that true innovation is timeless.

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