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The Patek Philippe reference 130 – A Ticket to Daydream

Patek Philippe Chronograph 130 by Cartier Full Set 1943 Shot 1 Hallmark

In a world full of push messages and 24 hour live feeds, tickets to day-dream are becoming an increasingly rare commodity. While the buzz of technology certainly helps make life easier, it is also exhausting at times, making us wish for a simpler time. And if you are a watch-lover looking for a ticket to a daydream, then you’ll struggle finding something better than the Patek Philippe reference 130.


Introduced in 1934, the reference 130 has made its way to become one of the most desirable watches in the world, because nowadays you just won’t be able to find anything like it.


The manually-wound Calibre P.P. 13 is housed in a 33 mm stainless steel case, striking a balance between elegance and utilitarianism. Steel chronographs are particularly desirable for both their rarity and durability.


Smoothly from the case flows a Gay Freres jubilee bracelet marked by Patek. This is a reminder of the time were a collaboration of manufacturers produced cases, movements, and bracelets, fusing together to create watches featuring a unique flavour.  And for bracelets there was simply no better choice than Gay Freres, a jewelry producer since 1835 who worked closely together with an array of watch manufacturers. Additionally, this watch comes with a dark brown crocodile strap and a matching stainless steel buckle.


The signature feature of this watch would have to be the dial though. Applied silver numerals on a white dial alongside the fine thin black lettering and the long black hands, which elegantly stretch all the way to the indexes, provide for a beautifully minimalistic legibility.


The dial is signed by Cartier and was sold in one of their boutiques in 1944, further strengthening the desirability of this watch, and alluding to the story this watch has to tell. Most interesting about the dial however is the overthrown roman six. Not even noticeable on first glance, this little irregularity adds both symmetry and character, topped off with a beautiful vintage plastic crystal.


Coming with the original box, extract from the archives from 2015, and a recent revision, as well as a guarantee of 12 months, this watch provides the excitement of vintage without the risk.