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How To Actually Make Money With A Watch

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I am currently reading a book called ‘F Wall Street’ which explains the value investing theory on an introductory basis. Value investing is a strategy introduced to the world by the legendary investor Benjamin Graham in his revolutionary book ‘Security Analysis’ in 1934, and whose ideas have inspired the arguably best investor there has ever been; Warren Buffet. The idea is to find great businesses at a discount, as while markets can be temporarily inefficient eventually prices will always have to follow the intrinsic value of the underlying company.


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So by this point you might be wondering what the heck any of this has to do with watches. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Green available exclusively at Harrods, a watch as green as the profit it will make you. Not much has changed compared to the normal Black Bay. Coloured in the dark green of Harrods are the bezel, dial, and tip of the second’s hand. Sometimes less is more though, and the color green has a special connotation being the company colour of Rolex used sparingly only for their most beloved children. This special edition then can be interpreted as a stamp of approval from Rolex, a recognition from father to son that the Black Bay is one of the best watches Tudor has ever produced.


tudor green harrods 2       


And how does this tie back to value investing? The price of this watch is 2,630 pounds, but it is valued at around 6000 pounds on Chrono24. A margin of discount of over 50% from a reputable company like Tudor, now that’s something that the author of “F Wall Street” would call a no-brainer. Identified by details like a “feet first” depth rating, and the big H engraved on the case back the Tudor Black Bay Green is the best value proposition I have ever seen in a watch.


Financial Disclaimer: The author of this blog does not own any green Black Bays and will not purchase any within the next three months, even though he would really like to. Watch investing is not a real thing! You should buy watches primarily for your joy.