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5 Of The Best Quality Watch Options That Have A Miyota 9015 Movement

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Movements of the watches are like the hearts of our bodies. It’s the thing that keeps the watch functioning, operating, and running. However, quality movements can be quite expensive, while there are diverse options to choose from.

If you prefer a quality watch movement within an affordable price range, go for the Miyota 9015 watch. They are affordable, used for different brands and watches, and most importantly, their accuracy is compared with Swiss movements! 

What to know before buying a Miyota 9015 watch

Miyota 9015 represents an automatic watch movement. It offers third-party watch manufacturers an affordable market price.

This movement has 28 jewels and an extremely high frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz).

However, watches with this movement do have a small amount of noise and a slight shift in accuracy. Since we are on that topic, the accuracy of Miyota 9015 is -10 to +30 seconds per day, resulting in a modest timekeeping range.

The 9015 movement dates back to 2009 as an extension to Miyota 8215. Compared to the previous model, this one has:

  • 24 jewels
  • 28800 vibrations per hour
  • Better accuracy (-10s to 30 seconds per day)
  • Increased power reserve
  • Shock protection technology 
  • Ball-bearing rotor 

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5 watches that use a Miyota 9015 movement

1. D1 Milano Black 

Beautifully designed watch for all those classic-look lovers with the highest craftsmanship and precision of Miyota 9015 movement. 

D1 Milano Black Miyota 9015 movement

This watch exudes classiness and elegance thanks to its minimal design and colour correction. The D1 Milano Black has an incredible hidden butterfly clasp representing a hidden folding clasp in a stainless steel bracelet. 

Two metal hinges that open on either side of this strap fastening resemble a butterfly’s wings, giving the bracelet a seamless appearance.

Thanks to the sapphire and anti-reflective coating, this watch can withstand hits and bumps without a scratch. This means that the watch is good for extreme sporty and adventurous and even for occasional events thanks to its neat design. 

The timepiece is very thin, with a steel case of 9.8 mm, which makes this a perfect slim watch for those with smaller wrists. 

2. Cadisen Diamond C8097

Another classy dress wristwatch housed in only a 40-millimeter stainless steel case exuding a total minimalist vibe. There are silver-tone indicates and hands on the plain white dial, as well as a blue seconds hand gives great contrast for easily telling the time.

Cadisen Diamond C8097

As the name indicates, this beauty consists of the alluring diamond at the 12 o’clock position. A sapphire crystal glass with a curve is fixed to the top of the watch casing. The watch also includes a traditional black leather band, making it a sophisticated appearance perfect for wearing with a tuxedo.

Cadisen Diamon C8097 comes with 6 different combinations with different colours of leather strap and dial and an additional combination with a steel bracelet. 

In addition, this watch is also not too robust; with only an 11mm case thickness, it matches perfectly with slimmer wrists. Regarding the movement, it uses Miyota caliber 9015 with automatic-self-wind for a perfect time with almost no delays. 

3. Tisell Automatic Bauhaus

This timepiece has a power reserve of 42 hours which is good if you forget to wear your watch. 

Tisell Automatic Bauhaus

Another slim and elegant design the 38mm wide. Even though this might appear to you a little too small, its lug shape makes it look larger on your wrist than most other same-size watches.

At affordable price, you get other primum features such as sapphire crystal to keep your watch scratch-resistant and a comfortable thank to its leather strap. It also features the 28’800 A/h vibrations which fulfills our requirements. This represents the movement frequency of a watch, which indicates how many times the timekeeping component vibrates in an hour.

However, the watch’s crown is not screwed down, which is not the preferable option, especially if you plan on diving with this timepiece, since the security is not on the highest level. And since we are on that topic, the watch is water resistant up to 50 meters/ 160 feet, but we advise you to be careful. 

As for last but not least, the watch also features a Miyota 9015 automatic movement that keeps time accurate and battery power reserve for up to 42 hours.

4. Sternglas Zirkel Asthet White

Even though we mentioned some slim timepieces, this is the thinnest timepiece on our list. It counts only 8.5 mm and 40 mm in diameter. On the back of the case, the watch has a deep Bauhaus-style engraving that speaks volumes about its technical sophistication. 

Sternglas Zirkel Asthet White with Miyota 9015 movement

For its technical accuracy, the Asthet features the Japanese Miyota 9015 with a battery power reserve of 42 hours. The beautiful strap is a calf leather that looks sophisticated, and a plain dial design is perfectly suitable for a formal occasion. 

As for the lug width, it is only 20 mm, which also aids in its non-robustness. With its straightforwardness and classiness, this watch is great for those who want to avoid any additional features or colors on their watch.

We have to mention that even though this watch is for that tuxedo occasion, it is water resistant up to 50 meters/ 160 feet, which means that you can easily go on some swimming sessions and take occasional splashes of water while wearing it.

5. Deep Blue Sea Quest SQ1500RED

A totally different look and design from other watches on this list. The Deep Blue Sea Quest SQ1500RED is a sporty watch great for those adventurous moments that are also powered by scratch-resistant sapphire.

Deep Blue Sea Quest SQ1500RED

What makes this sports timepiece a real dive watch is its whopping 1500 meters / 5000 feet of water resistance.

This powerful watch is powered by incredible Miyota 9105 movement, which delivers high accuracy and precision. Also, this timepiece has a rotating bezel which means that when you are diving, the rotating bezel will warn you when your oxygen is running low.

However, this watch might appear a bit robust, but its actually just a 42 mm case size, which is not that bigger as other watches. But thanks to its design, this is a dive watch that rather goes for that sporty occasion than for those formal moments. 

Another great feature of this watch is a screw-down case and crown, which means high protection from water getting inside the watch as well as dust. 


What watches use the Miyota 9015 movement?

Miyota 9015 movement is usually used for Citizen watches. However, Miyota’s movements are also found in a wide range of watches from other brands, including Bernhardt, Bolder, Bulova, Casio, Corguet, Invicta, and Timex.

Are Miyota watch movements any good?

Miyota movements perform at the same level of accuracy as Swiss movements at the entry level. In the industry, Miyota movements are considered workhorses. 

Where are Miyota’s movements made?

Miyota 9015 and other Miyota movements are made in Japan. They are assembled in Japan exclusively with parts-made in Japanese factories, ensuring their quality.

In Conclusion

Miyota 9015 watches are powered with such a movement that will deliver high precision thanks to Japanese accuracy. When buying timepieces with this movement, ensure they have 24 jewels with 28800 vibrations per hour and the shock prevention tech. 

The Cadisen Diamond C8097 is our top pick since it has all the necessary features and delivers such a clean and retro design that we couldn’t resist. 

What is your favourite Miyota 9015 watch? Who would you pick from our list and why? And even if we didn’t cover your style, we would gladly hear the other Miyota watches you prefer! Let us know in the comments below.