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Men’s Watches

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For today’s modern gentleman a good collection of watches is arguably his most important accessory.

Three is regarded as the ideal number of watches for a collection, if budgeting permits that is. One for sport, one for work, and the third is the dress watch.


Watches have a powerful effect on a man’s image. Just as women select jewelry to add elements of class and style to their outfit, men can choose the wristwatch to do just that.  And just as a pair of good shoes can help strengthen your style, similarly a watch can add that perfect touch to your outfit.

Watches are statements: statements of who you are and what you have achieved. And as they extend your personality, they also extend you.

In spite of some people dismissing the importance of a good watch in the rise of the mobile phone, the thriving watch business only states testament to the desirability of the watch in todays society.

Standing as a mark of his excellence, the man’s watch remains to be a timeless classic.

Written by Eve Jones