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The Perfect Ladies Rectangular Watch For You, We Compare The Longines DolceVita With The Cartier Tank

longines dolce vita and cartier tank side by side

While most of what we do at Watch & Bullion focuses on men’s watches, we’re big fans of ladies’ watches too. When it comes to the ladies’ market, many big names offer a range of stylish pieces to suit all different tastes.

Today we’re going to be comparing two of the most popular mid-market ladies’ watches, whose similarities leave many shoppers caught in two minds. We’ll be comparing the Longines DolceVita vs. Cartier Tank on their design, specs, and prices to help you decide which of the two models is right for you. 

Let’s jump in! 

Note – We’ll be comparing the entry-level models from each range. For the Longines DolceVita, this is the L5.512.4.71.0 spec, and for the Cartier Tank, it’s the WSTA0041, also known as the ‘Tank Must’.

Dial comparison

When you first put these watches side-by-side, what jumps out most is how similar they are. As is typical with ladies’ watches, both feature a rectangular dial that’s slim and stylish on the wrist. It’s worth noting the difference in dimensions, though, as the Longines is more rectangular at 37.00 mm x 23.30 mm, whereas the Cartier is more square at 33.7 mm x 25.5 mm. 

Onto the dial itself, and both opt for a very classic style, matching a light dial color (Longines call theirs Silver “flinqué”) with roman numeral markings and blue hands. Given the similarities, it’s likely to come down to personal taste when choosing between the two. 

longines dolcevita vs cartier tank

Each watch does have some slight differences, though. The Longines delivers a small seconds hand found just above 6 o’clock which adds a nice touch to the watch technically. 

On the other hand, Cartier’s crown stands out, with a blue bead set within a synthetic cabochon-shaped spinel. If you like a watch with just a little bit of bling, this might just swing the decision in Cartier’s favor as it’s a really lovely, classy feature. 

The Verdict – As we mentioned upfront, with these watches being so so similar, much of the decision comes down to personal taste. Saying that we’d definitely recommend trying both on to assess which case size and shape best suits you and your wrist. 

Bracelet/Strap comparison

With the specifications we’ve chosen, it’s a similar story when it comes to the strap as both watches go for a similar black leather style. 

Starting with the Longines, the L5.512.4.71.0 goes for a black, alligator strap design with a simple Longines branded silver buckle. It does a great job of matching the elegance found on the dial, but isn’t overly exciting. 

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Image Source

The great thing about the DolceVita though is that it’s armed with Longines’ interchangeable strap system meaning you can easily swap it for a different strap design or even a bracelet. 

The Cartier opts for a black-grained calfskin strap and steel ardillon buckle combination which adds a little more excitement than we saw with the Longines. 

Image Source

While it’s ultimately still a black strap and silver buckle, the styling matches the additional flair we saw with the watch’s crown and again makes it a slightly more stylish piece. 

The Verdict – Both watches go for a very similar strap design which again means it comes down to personal taste when making a decision. It’s worth remembering that both the DolceVita and the Tank Must come in a range of different variations with many different strap and bracelet options. 

Movement comparison

There’s little to compare when it comes to inside the case as both watches opt for a quartz movement.

The key difference is one which we have already covered, with the Longines’s movement also powering a small seconds complication. 

For those who want to do a little more research into the intricate specs of the quartz movements, Longines goes for an L176 caliber but unfortunately, the Cartier’s caliber is not openly advertised. 

The Verdict – When it comes to the movement, we’d recommend you don’t base your decision on the specs. Both utilize good quality quartz movements and will ensure you keep good time day in, day out. 

Longines DolceVita vs Cartier Tank: Technical Specs

If you wanted to compare both watches side-by-side, here’s a breakdown of the key specs for both models.

Longines DolceVitaCartier Tank Must
Model SpecificationL5.512.4.71.0WSTA0041
Size (mm)37.00 mm x 23.30 mm33.7 mm x 25.5 mm
Thickness (mm)7.20 mm6.6 mm
Crown TypeScrew-InScrew-In
Case MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Water Resistance3-Bar3-Bar
Movement TypeQuartzQuartz
Strap TypeBlack alligator leatherBlack calfskin leather
CrystalScratch-resistant sapphire crystalQuartz sapphire-crystal

Price comparison

To finish, we come to one of the most important comparison points of all, price. Both watches find themselves housed in the mid-market, meaning they’re not a common buy for those on a budget. 

Starting with the Longines DolceVita, if you like the look of the small-seconds inspired piece, you’ll be paying around $1,250. It’s a pretty fair price for a watch that looks great on the wrist and delivers solid timekeeping. Longines is a well-respected brand in the watch world, so you’re guaranteed to get good service from start to finish as well. 

If you like the extra style of the Cartier Tank Must, you’re going to be paying a little bit more. Starting at $2,740, the entry-level model which we’ve featured is over twice the price of the Longines. This additional price isn’t driven by an uptick in spec, so it really comes down to paying extra for the style and the brand. 

The Verdict – Both watches sit firmly in the mid-market when it comes to price, but the Cartier is around $1,500 more expensive. If you’re happy to pay extra for the style and the brand, the Cartier might be the one for you, but the Longines matches it in spec while being significantly cheaper. 


Both the Longines DolceVita and the Cartier Tank Must are super-stylish ladies’ watches that combine grace and sophistication with classic design styles. 

It’s easy to see why the comparisons between the two are so common, given they are so similar in many ways. When choosing between them, it’s going to come down to fine details and personal taste. Specifically, take the time to understand which case shape is right for your wrist and assess whether the additional design tweaks of the Cartier are worth the additional $1,500. 

Both watches also come with a wide range of different variations, so shop around to find the Longines DolceVita or Cartier Tank that’s perfect for you!

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