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The Lang & Heyne Friedrich III – The best watch you never heard of!

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How many great German watch manufacturers do you know? Probably A. Lange & Söhne, and maybe Gläshütte Original? Well, be ready to add another one to your list! Let me introduce you to Lang & Heyne and to their Friedrich III. model, a watch that can give just about everything else in the business a run for its money.


Imagebild FriedrichIII Caliber VI RGB  


Where to begin with this stunning interpretation of a watch? Maybe with the lugs, where you get three both on top and bottom instead of the usual two, the brands personal signature. Next to the classical dial the hands immediately jump into the eyes of the wearer being individually handcrafted to achieve intricate 3D models which just might be the best of their kind in the entire industry.


What really convinced me with the Friedrich III, however, was not any individual part, but the fact that it isn’t a one-trick pony. No, Lang & Heyne are giving a heartfelt effort to just straight out make every single piece of this timepiece the best they can. The main plate is made out of silver and through a technique originating from the 18th century is treated with a special brush applying a solution for the unique texture before being plated in gold. All gears are made out of red gold, which doesn’t just look super cool on the gold background but has also shown to reduce the friction when placed on a steel pinion. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by this? Well, not as if there would still be any more need for it, Lang & Heyne put a crown jewel on top of it all, literally, with a diamond being used on top of the Breguet balance wheel.


FriedrichIII w RG RGB Image1 1024  


I have only once before had the opportunity to handle Lang & Heyne timepieces at last years Baselworld and looking back it probably was the most impressive booth of the whole trip. From their incredible and creative timepieces to their genuine passion felt by the entire team, I implore you to take five minutes to check out their collection and I am sure you will not regret it.