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Introducing our Editor in Chief

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This has without doubt been one of the most difficult articles for me to write and has finally convinced me that the greatest killer of productivity is perfectionism and not procrastination.


It has been extremely challenging to put together the right words to describe both my decision to appoint our Editor in Chief and the character that will be taking full responsibility of our editorials.


The first time we met was purely by fate on his trip to Gibraltar and the connection was instant. The best thing about meeting people that share your passion is that you see a similar version of yourself with the beauty of a different perspective. I’m extremely excited that someone I feel is of my generation, who knows how to deftly manage several social media platforms, churn out stories, answer to advertisers, and impress at the highest level is now part of our growing team.


As a brand Watch & Bullion was created to engage with a connected generation. We provide an unvarnished look at the world of horology and those that consume it offering a fresh perspective from people that live it.


We are the next generation of leaders of a new movement for change in the luxury industry and I am very proud to introduce to you all Simon Schneider our full time Editor in Chief.




Simon is a young student from Austria who grew up in Germany and is enrolled in the European Law School in Maastricht.


Next to his legal education and involvement in student politics and moot court competitions he spends most of his time on everything regarding watches.


For several years he has been avidly reading on timepieces, visiting watch stores around the world and been a reference point for friends. Among his favorites are under the radar pieces from major brands, with a keen interest on high end quartz pieces, and a special spot in his heart for the Oysterquartz models.


He will be covering Basel this month and sharing with you his amazing experience at the FP Journe Paris Boutique last week.