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The Hublot Big Bang Meca-10

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Next to the Sapphire MP-05 and the Big Bang Sapphire All Black, the new Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 in titanium went rather unnoticed at this year’s Basel. While that isn’t surprising considering the hype sapphire watches currently enjoy, I believe this piece deserves attention. Let me tell you why.


The Meca-10 doesn’t shout to gain your attention, which arguably makes it more deserving of it. It tells the story not just of today’s Hublot, but also the Hublot of tomorrow.

As its major feature it boasts the new HUB1201 movement. This skeleton movement made of 223 components, and which was entirely conceived and developed in house, is hand-wound and has an impressive 10 day power reserve.


Hublot states the inspiration to be „our childhood memories, when our days were filled with the games and excitement of building and creating small machines and structures“. For me I can say Hublot has successfully recalled those memories. Being manually wound further strengthens a connection between man and „his machine“.

The most interesting element for me though is that it grants us a glimpse into what might be the basis of many more pieces. This is owed to the modular nature of the calibre, which provides many options for development.


The one quirk I couldn’t quite wrap my head around was the need for two separate power reserve indicators, one to show the days left and another red indicator when in its last 2 days. While it may help catch the attention of the wearer, I believe it unnecessarily clutters up the dial.

Despite that small oddity though this is a gorgeous piece of horology, enticing with a micro-blasted titanium case and movement which is brilliantly presented.

I am excited to see where Hublot take this piece!