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HAQ Watches Everything You Need To Know

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What are High-Accuracy Quartz (HAQ) Watches?

High-Accuracy Quartz (HAQ) watches represent a specialised category of timepieces known for their exceptional precision and reliability. These watches use advanced quartz technology, offering accuracy rates far superior to standard quartz and mechanical watches.

In a world where mechanical and digital innovations constantly evolve, HAQ watches have carved a unique niche, attracting collectors, professionals, and watch enthusiasts alike.

This article will explore the history and development of HAQ watches, the technology that powers them, and the significance of these accurate timekeepers in modern watchmaking.

The History of High-Accuracy Quartz Watches

The story of HAQ watches began in the 1960s with the invention of the quartz movement. This revolutionary technology, which used a quartz crystal oscillator to keep time, created the first quartz watch by Seiko in 1969 (You can read a full article of the impact of Seiko here). The introduction of quartz technology marked a turning point in the watch industry, as it produced more accurate, reliable, and affordable timepieces than their mechanical counterparts.

First Quartz watch by Seiko 1969 -  For HAQ Blog
First Quartz watch by Seiko 1969 – Source

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, watchmakers continued to refine and improve quartz technology, leading to high-accuracy quartz watches. With a standard quartz watch boasting an accuracy of around 15 seconds per month, HAQ watches took precision to the next level, offering accuracy rates of 10 seconds per year or better.

One of the pioneers in HAQ technology was the Swiss brand Longines, which introduced the first high-precision quartz watch, the Longines Ultra-Quartz, in 1970. Since then, several other brands, including Citizen, Seiko, and Bulova, have joined the high-accuracy quartz race, producing timepieces that continue to push the boundaries of precision and accuracy.

The Technology Behind HAQ Watches

The impressive accuracy of HAQ watches can be attributed to several key technological innovations. While standard quartz watches use a quartz crystal oscillator that vibrates at a frequency of 32,768 Hz, HAQ watches often employ a thermo-compensated quartz movement. This means the watch’s movement is designed to compensate for temperature fluctuations, ensuring a more stable and accurate timekeeping performance.

img technology01
Citizen Quartz Technology

Another significant innovation is the use of higher-quality quartz crystals, carefully selected for their stability and low-frequency drift rate. Additionally, HAQ watches often incorporate advanced integrated circuits and other electronic components that help maintain accuracy and reliability over time.

Some HAQ watches also feature advanced synchronization technologies, such as radio-controlled timekeeping or GPS synchronization. These systems allow the watch to receive signals from atomic clocks or GPS satellites, enabling the timepiece to adjust automatically to the correct time, enhancing its accuracy.

Notable HAQ Watches and Brands

Several brands have distinguished themselves in the HAQ watch market, each offering their unique take on high-accuracy timekeeping.


As mentioned earlier, Longines was one of the pioneers in the HAQ watch industry. The brand’s VHP (Very High Precision) series is a testament to its commitment to precision, boasting an impressive accuracy of ± 5 seconds per year.

Longines VHP Watches, for HAQ Watches Blog
Longines V.H.P watches example – Source

This modern VPH is based on a 1984 range released at the height of the quartz revolution; the movement was engineered by ETA exclusively for Longines.


The Japanese watchmaker’s Eco-Drive line is known for its combination of solar power and high-accuracy quartz movements which usually operate at 32,768 Hz offering between ± 10/15 seconds of accuracy per month.

Citizen Limited Edition Caliber 0100 SUPER TITANIUM AQ6021-51E

However, the Citizen Chronomaster Caliber 0100 is an entirely different animal offering an astonishing accuracy of ± 1 second per year and operating at a whopping 8,400,000 Hz, taking the crown to the HAQ category and making it the most accurate quartz watch on the market.

Grand Seiko 

Another Japanese giant in the watch industry, Seiko’s Grand Seiko collection includes HAQ models that feature the brand’s renowned 9F quartz movement, which provides an accuracy of between ± 5/10 seconds per year.

Grand Seiko 25th Anniversary 9F Quartz Calibers
Grand Seiko 25th Anniversary HAQ models – Source

Quartz models from Grand Seiko that provide a precision of 5 seconds per year can be distinguished by a little star on the dial those without the star will “only” be precise to ± 10 seconds per year.


Bulova is credited with the world’s first watch with an electronic tuning fork and hands powered by an electronic gear train in 1960. This innovation set the stage for the quartz watch that would follow.

Bulova’s Precisionist line is famous for its sweeping second hand, a characteristic usually found in mechanical watches. These timepieces use a proprietary 262hz ultra-high-frequency quartz movement, resulting in an accuracy of ± 10 seconds per year.


Known for its luxury timepieces and aviation links, Breitling upgraded all their quartz watches in 2011 to the new SuperQuartz technology joining other top brands in the pursuit of accuracy.

The multifunctional HAQ watch with a thermo-compensated SuperQuartz movement delivers an accuracy of ± 15 seconds per year.

The Significance of HAQ Watches in Modern Horology

The advent of HAQ watches has profoundly impacted the watch industry, challenging the traditional notion that only mechanical watches could be considered “luxury” or “high-end.” While mechanical watches are still admired for their craftsmanship and intricate engineering, HAQ watches have carved out a niche as the ultimate precision timekeeping instruments.

HAQ watches offer a practical and reliable solution for professionals and enthusiasts who value accuracy above all else. They are prevalent among pilots, scientists, and engineers, who require precise timekeeping for their work.

08 breitling aviation pioneers squad member rocio gonzalez torres wearing the avenger chronograph 43
Pilot wearing Breitling Avenger

Additionally, HAQ watches have inspired watchmakers to continuously innovate and explore new technologies, resulting in the development of hybrid movements combining mechanical and quartz technologies.


In conclusion, high-accuracy quartz watches have become a significant part of the modern horological landscape, offering unparalleled precision and reliability. With their advanced technology and dedication to accuracy, HAQ watches have earned a special place in the hearts of watch enthusiasts and professionals alike. As watchmakers continue to push the boundaries of timekeeping, we can expect to see even more impressive advancements in the world of HAQ watches in the years to come, something we are very excited about.

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