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Hamilton Khaki vs. Seiko 5: Choosing A Low-Cost Automatic Field Watch

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If you’re looking for an automatic field watch on a budget, there are only really two contenders – the Hamilton Khaki and the Seiko 5. Both watches come from heavyweights of the budget watch market, steeped in history, prestige, and decades of watchmaking knowledge. 

These models also serve as a gateway to automatic watches for many new watch fans, as they combine great design and great specs at a very affordable price. But of course, when you have two watches that are so similar, it always leads to one divisive question – which is better?

This article aims to answer that by comparing the Hamilton Khaki vs. Seiko 5. We’ll look at the specifications and design of each watch, helping you understand which one could be best for you. 

Let’s get into it! 

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Note – Both watches are part of diverse ranges made up of many different models. This article will compare the Hamilton Khaki Field 38mm (H70455133) and the Seiko 5 Sports 39mm (SRPG27K1)

Dial Comparison

When you put these two watches side-by-side, it’s easy to see why watch fans find it so hard to choose between them as they just look so similar. Both deliver the classic field watch look and feel, guaranteeing they’ll look great in any setting. 

Let’s get into the details on Hamilton watch first. The H70455133 model is one of the staples of the range. Coming in at 38mm, it’s a good size for a field watch but may be slightly too small for those with larger wrists. 

On the dial itself, you’ve got large numeral markings matched against a plain black dial, with smaller 24-hour markers towards the middle. You get a date window at 3 o’clock alongside spear-shaped minute and hour hands accompanied by a red-tipped seconds hand. 

In many ways, the Hamilton Khaki Field sets the standard for the entire field watch market. It has a great overall design that’s balanced, stylish, and functional. 

 Hamilton Khaki vs. Seiko 5 dial

When you jump across to the Seiko, there are so many similarities to touch on. The combination of the black dial, large and small numbers, and the red-tipped second’s hand are practically identical. 

But there are some differences to call out, too. Firstly, the Seiko is slightly bigger at 39.5mm, which is a definite plus point for fans with larger wrists. The hour and minute hands are slightly fuller, with the Seiko featuring a day/date window rather than just a date. 

The Seiko’s overall design is slightly sportier than the Hamilton’s, but that’s expected given this watch is part of the Sport range. While this does take away from the pure field watch feel, it still works and delivers a fresh and modern experience. 

As always, with comparisons such as these, when it comes to the dial, it often comes down to personal taste. If you want a slightly slicker look and feel, the Hamilton is probably best, but the Seiko delivers slightly more functionality thanks to the day/date. 

Bracelet Comparison

When you put two watches with steel bracelets side-by-side, it’s always hard to tell between them. Both watches have a lug width of 20mm, and their bracelets follow a very similar link formation. 

Hamilton Khaki vs. Seiko 5 bracelet

The similarities extend to the buckle as well, with both watches opting for a folding clasp locking system with branding stamped on the outer buckle of both pieces. Even though both watches come equipped with a steel bracelet, they make it very easy to swap out for a strap, with many opting for a NATO strap to create a more authentic field watch experience.

When comparing the two watches, getting both on your wrist is the best way to understand which bracelet feels better for you – so, this round is a draw. 

Movement Comparison

The great thing about both of these watches is that they run on in-house automatic movements. Not only does that make them a great gateway into owning an automatic movement, the fact they’re in-house means they should be of better quality. 

Hamilton’s H-10 movement is a stalwart at this price point. It’s accurate to within +/- 15 seconds a day, it drives that date window and has a whopping 80-hour power reserve. All that power means you’ll have no trouble getting a full three days’ wear. 

Seiko’s 4R36 powers the 5 models. Again, it’s a very respectable movement at this price point, but the specs aren’t quite as impressive as the Hamilton. It’s still accurate to +45 / -35 seconds per day but has a smaller power reserve at just 40 hours. But it’s worth remembering it’s driving a more power-hungry day/date function.

Hamilton Khaki vs. Seiko 5 movement

These are both great movements for watches at this price point, delivering reliable, long-lasting automatic performance. But when you put them side-by-side, it’s hard to deny that Hamilton has the edge here with superior accuracy and double the power reserve!

Technical Specs Comparison

While there are some key differences, there isn’t a huge amount to separate the Hamilton Khaki and the Seiko 5. To help you get a truly comparative view, let’s lay out the technical specs side-by-side. 

Hamilton KhakiSeiko 5
Size (mm)3839.5
Thickness (mm)1213.2
Weight (g)119146
Crown TypeScrew-InScrew-In
Water Resistance (m)100100
Movement TypeAutomatic, Self-WindingAutomatic, Self-Winding
Power Reserve80 Hours40 Hours
Frequency (VpH)21,60021,600
Movement Jewels2524
Hacking MovementYesYes
CrystalSapphireCurved Hardlex

As we know, there isn’t much to choose between these two watches. But, when you place the two side-by-side, the big thing that jumps out is the crystal. With Hamilton delivering the superior Sapphire crystal, it takes the slight edge when comparing the technical specs.

Pricing Comparison

And, of course, perhaps the one thing that matters most when comparing two watches – the price. Luckily, this is where the two watches separate, with one markable more expensive than the other. 

Let’s start, as always, with Hamilton. At the time of editing (April 2023), the H70455133 retailed directly from Hamilton for $725. On the face of it, that’s a pretty good price for a watch that’s stylish, full of great specs (including a sapphire crystal) and driven by a high-powered automatic movement. 

The Seiko blows the Hamilton out of the water when it comes to price, though. The SRPG27K1 is commonly found online at around $200. Yes, you read that right, just $200. For that price, you’re getting a real bargain with the Seiko, despite having a weaker movement and slightly reduced spec versus the Hamilton. 

When choosing between the two, it’s going to depend on your budget. Sure, the Hamilton is undoubtedly the better watch from a technical point of view. But, only you can decide if that’s worth just over $500 difference to your bank balance. 


It’s easy to see why so many watch fans compare the Hamilton Khaki vs. Seiko 5 Sports. Both watches offer a beautifully designed field watch experience, backed up by solid specs, at a very affordable price point.

When choosing between the two, it’s largely going to be driven by budget as it’s the largest factor separating the two. While the Hamilton is the higher quality watch, the $500 price difference is significant, especially for new watch fans. 

The bottom line? Whether you go for the Hamilton or the Seiko, you’re in excellent hands, as both are fantastic field watches that’ll look great on the wrist!

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