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6 of the Best Green Dial Seiko Watches

Seiko Prospex SRPE05 Green Dial Seiko watches article

For decades now, watch brands have experimented with different dial colours. Various trends come and go, but a trend that has grown rapidly in the last couple of years is green dial watches. And as we can see, this one is not going away anytime soon. 

This trend has been accompanied by Seiko watches as well. Seiko is one of the world’s top budget watchmakers, balancing style and functionality at affordable prices. 

Considering popularity, watch lovers have ditched boring black designs since the turn of the century and are clamouring for more colour on their dials. Therefore, Seiko decided to give respect to this trend and launched a wonderful and diverse line of green dial watches.

Therefore, this article had the aim to represent our favourite green dial Seiko watches divided into three different watch categories – Sport, Dive & Formal. We wanted to show you a wide range of models that could be compared in terms of design, specifications, and price. 

With much further ado, let’s check our first watch.

Green Dial Seiko Sports Watches

We picked out two of the best green dial Seiko sports watches to get us started. Whether to opt for any of these, you won’t make a mistake!

Let’s check them out!

1. Seiko 5 Military Field watch SNK805

Why do we like it? – The Seiko 5 SNK805 is one of the most affordable yet beautiful green dial automatic watches on the market!

This model represents an everyday watch with a military field-watch design that can be worn for sportier occasions as well as for everyday wear. It features a slim and basic design with a satin finish stainless steel casing, while on top is a Hardly crystal.

Seiko 5 Military Field watch SNK805, Green Dial Seiko Watches Blog

Just like the original military watches, this one goes well on both genders but is particularly suitable for men who favour smaller watches. 

The watch is driven by a Seiko automatic movement, which has proven to be a reliable and long-lasting workhorse. The movement of this watch may also be seen via the see-through case back.

This is a sports watch with 30m/100 feet of water resistance. Therefore, it can withstand water splashes, but nothing more than that.

The watch has a military green dial and a green canvas strap that matches. It has white printed numerals and markings that contrast well against the background, reminiscent of vintage military clocks.

Overall, this is one of the better alternatives out there if you want a fashionable and versatile watch that will not cost you an arm and a leg!

2. Seiko Men’s SNDA27 Green Dial Watch

Why do we like it? – The watch contains many design aspects and characteristics seen in antique military timepieces but with a little more contemporary and sturdy construction.

This is a tough and athletic field watch with a military-inspired design suitable for casual and everyday usage.

It has a 42mm diameter satin finish casing and is water-resistant to 100 meters/330 feet, while the Hardlex crystal is scratch-resistant.

Seiko Men's SNDA27 Green Dial Watch, Green Dial Seiko Watches Blog

The dial is military green, and the strap is made of green canvas while the quartz movement powers the watch.

On the outside section of the dial, there are large laminating markings. It contains white Arabic numerals in the middle, with the 3, 6, 9, and 12 markers being the biggest. It has three subdials since it is a chronograph.

It also includes a little date window incorporated into the dial at 4 o’clock.

This watch also features huge sword-shaped hands with a substantial amount of luminescence added to them to ensure exceptional readability.

Green Dial Seiko Dive Watches

Seiko’s Dive watch series is perhaps their most well-known product. Both of these watches are stylish enough to wear daily, but their real shine is shown when diving to the ocean’s depths!

3. Seiko Prospex SRPE05

Why do we like it? – This is possibly the sweet spot and best value among current Seiko divers.

While the size remains the same, the new ‘King Turtle’ watches are distinguished from the original ‘Turtle’ by using contemporary materials. To begin with, the hardlex crystal has been replaced with a sapphire crystal that includes a magnifying glass. 

Seiko Prospex SRPE05, Green Dial Seiko Watches Blog

One of the most significant changes on the Seiko King Turtle SRPE05 is the protection – a mentioned scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Seiko Hardlex is commonly used in sports watches among the brand’s proprietary crystal materials. Second, the bezel insert is now ceramic instead of very scratch-prone metal.

However, the feature of sapphire in most luxury dive watches makes them extremely desirable to collectors, for whom a premium is sometimes willing to be paid. 

It has a ceramic bezel and waffle-textured dial and a sapphire crystal with a cyclops — a magnifier over the day and date windows. Together, these factors make it seem more than reasonable to pay.

The stainless steel case is still 45mm in diameter and 13.1mm thick, with a short, integrated lug construction for outstanding wrist comfort, a 200-meter water resistance, and an offset screw-down crown at 4.

4. Seiko SRPD63K1

Why do we like it? – Very affordable yet attractive dive sports watch.

This watch is very budget-friendly, which is the main reason behind its creation. The whole collection is about inexpensive mechanical watches.

This timepiece is housed in a substantial stainless steel case with a green dial and bezel accented with gold. The 42mm stainless steel case is long-lasting and also rust-resistant.


The Seiko SRPD63K1 is a pretty rugged watch but still very versatile because you can wear it to the office or on a weekend camping trip. This Seiko watch has a hardlex crystal and a large, legible dial, in addition to an in-house Seiko movement.

Water resistance is the only thing that this watch compromises on. Unlike the previous one, which is 200 meters resistant, this one has a 100-meter resistance, which is honestly not so bad considering the price!

Probably the best feature of this watch is the rotating bezel. Due to Seiko’s Automatic Timing feature, the watch is powered by the wrist’s natural movement, so no expensive batteries are needed. The 3 o’clock marker also includes an easy-to-read day and date window.

The chunky metal bracelet and luminous hands add a premium feel, while the hour baton markers and outsized hands are another nice touch. 

Green Dial Seiko Dress Watches

Finally, we’ll show you some of our favourite green-dial Seiko dress watches. Both of these watches are ideal for formal and elegant events and exuding class!

5. Seiko SNE529

Why do we like it? – This watch represents a perfect combo of versatile yet classy and dressy look!

This watch has a lovely green dial, but it’s a more subdued shade of green than some other green models.

The choice for the dial colour is a great one since it goes well both with the classic and dressy style. The dial’s elements, such as the tiny pencil-shaped yellow gold hands and yellow gold hour markers, are incredibly well-matched. The typical day and date window are likewise located at 3 o’clock while the case is 40mm in diameter and has a sapphire crystal on top.

Seiko SNE529 Green Dial

This watch is powered by a solar quartz movement, a fantastic feature. This means that instead of replacing the batteries, the battery obtains its energy from solar and ambient light. It also features an incredible 10-month power reserve when completely charged.

The watch also boasts a great case design with aggressively polished lugs and finely brushed edges. This not only gives the watch a sportier look but also demonstrates Seiko’s attention to detail.

6. Seiko Recraft Automatic SNKP27

Why do we like it? – This dressy watch features a retro design, totally different from any regular round case watch!

The case of this watch is rectangular in the shape of 39.5mm in diameter. Apart from such a retro design case shape, it boasts a unique design with polished “sloped” integrated lugs that contrast with brushed surfaces on top.

Seiko Recraft Automatic SNKP27

The sloping case design may be found on both lugs and the case sides. The crown is also somewhat recessed into the case, with a Hardlex crystal on top.

There are applied rectangular yellow-gold hour markers on the dial, which look fantastic against the green background. As for the hands of the watch, they are also in the same yellow-gold finish. It also features a day and date window with a yellow gold border surrounding it at 3 o’clock.

The watch is driven by a Seiko automatic mechanism with a 41-hour power reserve and beats at 21600 BPH. It can withstand water for 50 meters/165 feet.

This watch is suitable for those who want a dressy watch with a retro design that stands out from the ordinary. Considering its attention to detail and build quality, the price is more than satisfactory.


Seiko watches are one of a few fully integrated watchmakers. They develop and design their movements using leading-edge technology. With great quality, beautiful design, and affordable price combined, none can resist them. 

With different styles, colours, and trends to offer, green dial Seiko watches have been pretty popular for quite some time. And with the range of different styles, such as Sports, Dive, and Dress, we do not doubt that you can find your perfect match.

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