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The F.P. Journe Chronographe Monopoussoir Rattrapante

fpj split second 1

For the Only Watch auction of 2016, F.P. Journe created his first ever split second chronograph. The Chronogpraphe Monopoussoir Rattrapante Bleu sold for CHF 1,150,000, making it the second most expensive timepiece of the auction following the Patek Grand Complication 5208T-010 in titanium.


fpj split second 3  


Recognising the demand, the brand decided to give the people what they clearly asked for and release a commercial line of the unique timepiece. Functionally is the same as the unique piece, as a mono-pusher chronograph the upper bottom controls all actions of the normal chronograph, start-stop and reset, while the lower button activates the split for the second chronograph hand.


fpj split4  


The watch comes in three different metals, titanium (CHF 58,000), red gold (CHF 78,000), and platinum (CHF 106,000), all of which are competitively priced for the market they are in. The titanium being branded under the LineSport collection it additionally comes with luminous hands, and bridges made out of aluminium rather than gold.


fpj split 5  


At 44 mm this is definitely a big watch, but this factor is mitigated greatly by the sharp tapering of the bracelet and the rubber elements on the case and in between the bracelet links. While a divisive styling element it makes sense from a practical perspective by making it more durable and less noisy, granting a more sporty style.


fpj split 2  


Looking at all their achievements it is easy to forget just how young F.P.journe is. Founded in 1999 they are the same age as Richard Mille. Through the use of just the right mix of disruptive designs and traditional watchmaking, they have carved out a niche for themselves which they comfortably fill with a unique brand which the new F.P. Journe Chronographe Monopoussoir Rattrapante only goes to support.