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Elvis Presley’s Iconic Watch Revamped: Discover Ventura’s Stunning Trio

Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Lifestyle Shot for Banner

Hamilton celebrated the 60th anniversary of its iconic Ventura watch by launching three reinterpretations of the original model. These stunning watches honour the Ventura collection’s revolutionary technology, design, and illustrious history.

A Groundbreaking Innovation with a Rich History

Introduced on January 3rd, 1957, the Ventura was an aesthetically and mechanically radical development. It made watchmaking history as the world’s first electrical, battery-powered watch and the first electric “hybrid” in the industry. Its triangular, asymmetrical case, designed by renowned American Industrial designer Richard Arbib, featured design elements inspired by automotive tail fins and the burgeoning atomic age.

Elvis Presley Ventura Watch from 1965
Elvis Presley Hamilton Ventura Watch from 1965 – Source

The Ventura’s unique design and revolutionary movement attracted fans like Elvis Presley, who wore it in the 1961 film Blue Hawaii. Despite its popularity, the original Ventura faced some issues, such as temperamental movements and corrosion. The release of Bulova’s Accutron, a fully electronic movement, pushed Hamilton’s effort into obsolescence.

Elvis Presley Backstage Blue Hawaii Copyright ABG 2018 Digital Resolution JPEG 72 DPI 5213
Elvis Presley Back Stage in Blue Hawai Wearing his Hamilton Ventura in 1961 – Source

The Ventura Reborn

Production of the original Ventura stopped after seven years, but its popularity remained strong. The watch made a significant comeback in 1988. Its presence in the Men in Black trilogy in 1997 further cemented its cult status. The late 1980s model featured a similar design to the original (now with a quartz movement). The series has since grown into a diverse collection with chronographs and automatics.

Hamilton Ventura MIB Watch
Hamilton Ventura from Men In Black

Celebrating the King’s 80th Birthday

In honour of what would have been Elvis Presley’s 80th Birthday, Hamilton released the Ventura Elvis80 watch. This new iteration of the brand’s most iconic range features a contemporary twist on a true classic while retaining the unmistakable Ventura DNA. The Elvis80 is a fitting tribute to the King of Rock and Roll and his enduring contribution to the Ventura legacy.

Elvis80 Skeleton

A Magnificent Trio: Past, Present, and Future of Ventura

The Ventura Classic and Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton form the backbone of a magnificent trio, symbolizing the Ventura collection’s past, present, and future. Each dial on the Ventura Classic bears a large electricity symbol, reminding wearers of the breakthrough innovation the world’s first electrical watch represented in 1957.

Featured in Men in Black

Classic Lines: A Tribute to the Past

Within this celebratory trilogy, the past meets the present in a tribute piece with a yellow gold PVD stainless steel case and a quartz movement. Further acknowledging Ventura’s illustrious history, a brown teju-patterned leather strap, white dial with golden hour markers and hands, and a flash of red at the tip of the second hand provided an unmistakable touch of vintage flair.

Timeless Yet Modern: Ventura Reinterpreted

Hamilton reinterpreted the timeless Ventura design by using enduring materials. Denim, a popular fabric in the 50s during Ventura’s birth, was adapted onto the strap. At the same time, the polished stainless steel case framed a jeans-pattern 3D-printed dial.

Hamilton Ventura Denim Lifestyle Shot
Hamilton Ventura Denim – Source

For the Scene: A Futuristic Design

The Ventura was considered futuristic when released in 1957. Playing on this symbolism, the final interpretation displays an ultramodern skeleton design resembling the King’s microphone. The geometrical crisscross dial allows viewers to catch the mesmerizing show of the automatic movement with an 80-hour power reserve, stylishly decorated on the front.

A gleaming stainless steel case and a choice of black rubber or steel bracelet complete the speaker-inspired look of this timepiece.

A Commitment to Heritage and the American Spirit

Each Ventura iteration has remained loyal to the collection’s heritage and Hamilton’s American Spirit. With its groundbreaking technology, distinctive design, and strong ties to the entertainment industry, the Ventura collection has become an enduring symbol of innovation.

Reinventing a classic while staying true to its roots is a challenging feat. Yet, Hamilton succeeded in capturing the essence of the Ventura collection in these three reinterpretations. Each watch pays homage to the past, embraces the present, and envisions the future, all while staying true to the collection’s iconic heritage.

As the brand looks to the future, it carries on the legacy of the Ventura, ensuring that this iconic timepiece remains a beloved symbol of the American Spirit for years to come.


The 60th-anniversary celebration of the Hamilton Ventura was a fitting tribute to the collection’s groundbreaking innovation and rich history. The release of the Ventura Classic, Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton, and the Ventura Elvis80 watch showcases the brand’s ability to reinterpret a timeless design while maintaining its iconic heritage.

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