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Conor McGregor – The Notorious Watch Collection!

If you hadn’t heard of Conor McGregor pre-2017, as we move into 2018 you definitely will have! The MMA star mastered a number of weight classes before changing disciplines to take a controversial boxing match, dubbed the ‘Money Fight,’ with Floyd Mayweather.

But it isn’t just McGregor’s fast fists in the Octagon which have seen him shoot to fame – his outrageous persona, loud fashion sense and cocky trash talk have seen him rise to be the biggest Pay Per View draw the MMA has ever seen.

During his downtime, it’s fair to say that Conor enjoys the high life; often seen sporting luxury clothes, cars and tech. But one thing the hard hitter has a real taste for is luxury watches. He hasn’t been shy about his love for a good timepiece either, often showing off his latest acquisitions on social media in line with his extravagant personality.

With that said, let’s get this bout started and take a look at some of Conor’s personal favourites..


Everose Gold Rolex Sky-Dweller

While no official affiliation has ever been made, Conor has a sweet tooth when it comes to Rolex watches and this Sky-Dweller is just the first of many we will see in this collection.



With the Everose Gold bracelet and Chocolate dial, this model of Sky-Dweller is a premium piece within the range, coming in brand new at a cool £35,000.


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Galaxy caramel

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For a jet-setter like McGregor, the Sky-Dweller’s handy dual time zone functionality allows him to multitask when it comes to timekeeping. Conor obviously loves this piece, uploading this photo to his Instagram in 2016 alongside the caption ‘Galaxy Caramel.’

We tend to agree with you Conor, this Sky-Dweller is a truly out of this world piece.


Everose Gold Rolex Day-Date


Hailing from Ireland, Conor isn’t afraid and is in fact rather keen to get some green into his fashion choices. His next rolex, the Day-Date, stays along the Everose Gold theme with some Irish green flair thrown in for good measure.



The Day-Date is a classic piece in the Rolex range, incorporating some of the classic styling the legendary Swiss watchmaker is known for. Whilst you’ll have to part with over £27,000 for a new one of these, deals can be found on a pre-owned model weighing in at under £23,000.



Conor isn’t shy in showing off his very own Day-Date, again taking to Instagram to display his latest jewel. If the watch alone doesn’t let you know he means business, the glasses definitely do – great look, Conor!  


Rolex Yacht-Master II


As the ‘Money Fight’ with Floyd Mayweather approached, Conor took to the press room to build the buzz around 2017’s biggest sporting event. Before the pair traded blows in the ring, they took turns swapping insults to try and get the upper hand mentally.

Conor’s Irish swagger took centre stage, matching a blue cross-hatched suit with a quintessential Rolex timepiece – The Yacht-Master II.


Since the 1950’s, the Yacht-Master has been a staple part of the Rolex range, incorporating style with unique functionality. You’ll notice the Yacht-Master doesn’t have a typical watch face design, instead the face and bezel work in tandem to allow the wearer to keep track of racing time trials when taking to the ocean.



Whilst Conor’s Yellow Gold Yacht-Master will set you back around £32,000 brand new, given the collections long history there are many deals to be had. A classic Yacht-Master with a Steel bracelet can be picked up preowned for under £10,000 with Yellow Gold versions starting around £20,000.  


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore


Finally moving away from the Rolex, Conor has often been seen sporting the Swiss classic Audemars Piguet. The Royal Oak is a classic collection dating back to 1993, with many stylish updates over the next 25 years.


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Conor can be seen rocking his very own Offshore model; keeping his timepiece style fighting fit whilst taking some downtime at home. It’s large 42mm face showcases it’s iconic Black and Silver styling fantastically with the ‘tapisserie’ pattern allowing the wearer to make a bold statement of success.



With a variety of different styling options, both the new and preowned price for the Royal Oak Offshore fluctuate dependent on your tastes. The design style Conor has gone for above can be found at around £25,000 brand new with pre-owned bargains commonly found for under £10,000.  


Franck Muller Vanguard


For the final piece in this ‘Notorious’ watch collection, we move onto one of the newer players in the Swiss watch market, Franck Muller. Established fully in 1991, Franck Muller pride themselves on delivering intricate movements showcased within groundbreaking design.




The Vanguard collection was a natural choice for Conor as it’s designed with sporting efficiency in mind. With it’s fully integrated build and aesthetically charged design, the Vanguard curves naturally around the wrist to give it a streamlined look and feel.

Conor took to Instagram to post a snap with mens fashion designer and long time friend, Louis Copeland. Clearly showing off his very own Vanguard, Conor’s diamond encrusted model gives him an understated but classy look.   

Whilst Conor’s model may not be widely available on the market, the Vanguard range offers over 20 different variations for all buyers. Franck Muller won’t give away their brand new prices online through, instead enticing watch lovers on an enquiry only basis. The pre-owned market isn’t quite as secretive – Steel models of the Vanguard can be found for under £5,000 with some premium material models easily clearing £25,000.


Patek Phillipe 


After his victory over Eddie Alvarez in November 2016, Conor celebrated by getting himself a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1R-001. The elegant Nautilus range has been around since 1976, and 40 years later, it has become a huge collection.

The 5980/1R-001 is made from 18k rose gold, and has a sapphire crystal case back and a black dial. It is also self-winding, with a power reserve of up to 55 hours. Other features include a mono-counter at the bottom of the dial.


The model is listed on the Patek website with an RRP of 75,000 CHF (around £55,800 at the time of writing). And although they aren’t widely available second hand, you may be able to pick up a pre-loved model for around £40,000.

If you’re a Nautilus fan like Conor, you may be interested in the models we currently have in stock.

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Time For The Final Bell…


The Notorious Irish star is no slouch in the ring and keeps himself sharp outside of it too. Whether it’s a Rolex, Patek Phillipe or Franck Muller piece, Conor McGregor’s watch game packs the punch you would expect from the man of the moment in MMA.

If you’d like a bit of the ‘Notorious’ swagger for yourself, why not check out our guide on the cost of a Rolex and get your wrist fighting fit for 2018!