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9 Citizen Quartz Watches: Sports, Dress & Dive Watches

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Citizen is one of the world’s best-known budget watch brands with great models across the sports, dress, and dive watch categories. A big reason for their budget appeal is their fantastic Quartz movements, with many Citizen quartz watches running off of the brand’s famous solar Eco-Drive technology. 

If you’re in the market for a great value for money watch, this article is for you. We’ll pull out nine of our favourite Citizen quartz watches, showcasing their specs, design, and price to help you find a watch that’s perfect for you! 

Let’s get onto our first pick.

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Best Citizen Sports Quartz Watches

1. Citizen BI1045-13E

We begin with a great all-around dark sports watch in the BI1045-13E model. The 42mm, rubber band piece offers the perfect balance between sturdy sports performance and classy, dark design. 

Citizen Quartz Watches

The watch combines a deep black strap and dial with large, luminous markers and hands. Both the minute and second hand have yellow detailing to help them stand out more and make the dial easy to read. 

The watch also features a fixed bezel, a date window at 3 o’clock, a super-strong mineral crystal, and 100m of water resistance. It’s an easy watch to put into our top list of Citizen quartz models.

Looking for a quartz sports watch on a budget? This could be the one for you. 

2. Citizen Garrison BM8478-01L

Next up is the Garrison with the model number BM8478-01L. As you can probably guess from the name, this is a perfect watch for those with a love of military/field designs. 

At 36mm, it’s a great size for those with smaller wrists and combines a really nice leather strap with a dark green dial. Those field watch themes come through loud and clear with the large numbering and clean dial, with the day/date window at 3 o’clock a nice touch. 

This is the first watch in our list to feature Citizen’s Eco-Drive movement. The solar-powered movement takes any light source and turns it into energy, meaning you’ll never need to replace the battery – pretty handy! 

It’s a great field watch that’s going to look great on the wrist whether you’re at work, in a bar, or just chilling out at home. 

3. Citizen CZ Smart Watch

Our third and final Citizen sports watch offers something a little bit different as it’s a full-on hybrid smartwatch. While not strictly a quartz watch, for those looking for a battery-driven watch with a traditional sporty look and feel, this could be for you. 

Citizen Quartz Watches

At 46mm, it’s a fairly sizable watch and may dwarf those with slimmer wrists. But, it’s nice to see a smartwatch that’s built inside a traditional-looking steel case. The Citizen CZ matches a black and red bezel with a steel bracelet to deliver that sports watch styling. 

Inside the case, you’ve got a range of great smartwatch features, including Bluetooth, GPS, and heart rate tracking. Because it’s built with Google Wear OS, you also get the ability to take phone calls, check notifications, and complete tasks with Google Assistant. 

Best Citizen Dress Quartz Watches

4. Citizen Two-Tone BI5054-53L

Now we move away from sports watches, with our first dress watch coming in the shape of the Citizen Two-Tone with the model number BI5054-53L. 

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This is a great dress watch for a formal event, with the combination of steel, gold, and blue coming together nicely to create a classy look and feel. The 42mm piece combines a slim bezel with a clean blue dial, with rectangular hour markers matched to gold, lume-filled hands. 

Specs-wise, you get a quartz movement that’s rated down to 100m of water resistance, an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and a date window.

5. Citizen BF0580-57L

If your dress watch tastes are a little simpler, the BF0580-57L model from Citizen will be right up your street. Nothing quite beats the classic combination of steel case and dark blue dial, and this watch does it perfectly. 

Citizen Quartz Watches

At 40mm, it’s slightly smaller than the last dress watch, helping to add to its understated appeal. The deep blue dial reflects light beautifully, with the simple silver markings, spear hands, and day/date window coming together to create a clean but sophisticated look. 

Inside the case, you’ve got a standard Citizen quartz movement, with a nominal 30m water resistance and a mineral crystal. Those specs are just fine, given this is a simple dress watch that focuses on sleek design, rather than delivering the world. 

6. Citizen Corso

Our last dress watch in this roundup is the Citizen Curso, which offers a slight step up from our other two dress watches. We’ll feature the silver version below, but the Corso also comes in Gold and Rose Gold options. 

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Citizen describe this watch as ‘a time-honored watch with clean lines and simple accents, that will never go out of style.’ And, it’s hard to disagree, as this 41mm watch combines a high-quality steel case and bracelet with a sleek and straightforward silver dial, with rose gold hands and markers.

Throw in Citizen’s awesome Eco-Drive movement, a date window, sapphire crystal, and 100m of water resistance, and you’ve got a dress watch that’s as powerful as it is smart.

Best Citizen Dive Quartz Watches

7. Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive BN0150-28E

For our final three watches, we’re picking out dive watches from Citizen’s Promaster range. It’s one of the most popular watch ranges out there, perfect for those heading to the depths of the ocean as well as those who simply want a big, high-sporty day-to-day watch. 

The first of which, the Eco-Drive BN0150-28E, offers the perfect blend between diving performance and classic dive watch stylings. 

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The 44m model is standard for a dive watch with a large, unidirectional bezel offering additional time tracking when underwater. The dial is super easy to read thanks to the large hour markers and powerful lume, especially on the orange second hand. 

As a dive watch, you’ve also got a hardened mineral crystal, strong polyurethane band, 200m water resistance, and an Eco-Drive quartz movement.

8. Citizen Promaster Diver BJ7128-59E

We step up the diving performance with the BJ7128-59E, as we enter the realm of more specialized watches for diving to the depths of the ocean. 

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The first thing you’ll notice about this watch is its size and complexity, and it’s definitely clear straight away that this is one hell of a tool. This giant 45mm piece combines an inner luminous dial with a blue and red GMT ring, and a large angled bezel around the outside. If it’s great timekeeping you’re after, this one’s for you! 

You get all the diving specs you need, such as 200m water resistance, a strong sapphire crystal to survive any bumps and scrapes, and Citizen’s Eco-Drive movement to keep you ticking along day after day. 

9. Citizen Promaster Aqualand BJ2167-03E

For our last watch of the day, we’ve pulled out the granddaddy of Citizen quartz dive watches with the BJ2167-03E. If you take our last two watches and bolt them together, you get this 50mm beast of a watch, which is the ultimate diving companion. 

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Firstly, the design. Similar to the last watch, you’ve got a combination of a plain black dial, large indicators, red and blue accents, and a large, easy-to-use bezel. You’ve also got great additional touches such as texturing on the crown and chronographs, a well-branded Polyurethane strap, and high-quality steel casing. 

From a features perspective, you’re getting a chronograph, depth display, auto start dive mode, maximum depth memory, 12/24 hour time display, power reserve indicator, and date window. 


Citizen is one of the most well-known watch brands in the world, with their range of budget sports, dress, and dive watches offering some of the best value on the market. Especially when you throw in Citizen’s solar powered Eco-Drive movement, you’re getting a watch that matches value with power! 

We’ve just scratched the surface with our nine Citizen quartz watches, so take what we’ve shared and inspiration and shop around for the perfect Citizen watch for you. 

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