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Chopard Watch Price Guide For 2020: New & Pre-Owned

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Chopard Watch Price Review by Watch & Bullion

Whilst it may be new to the casual watch fan, anyone with a detailed knowledge of luxury Swiss watchmaking will have come across Chopard. 

Since the late 1800’s, Chopard have specialised in highly accurate luxury pieces with their converted status and history making them a prized asset for many celebrities and royals across the globe.

But it’s fair to say that the general watch fan may not have seen Chopard in their local dealers or through commercial jewelry outlets.

For those with a limited knowledge, today is your lucky day! We’re going to walk through a number of items in the Chopard range. We’ll look at their aesthetics, key features, and most importantly how much they cost. 

Let’s jump in!

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Classic 28mm – New c. £3,840 – Pre-Owned c. £2,000

To get us started we’ll take a look at one of Chopard’s most simple pieces, the Classic. Starting at a quaint 28mm and matching a circular rose gold case to a brown alligator strap, the Classic is the perfect way to get onto the Chopard ladder without compromising on quality. 

That quality is assured within the watch’s design, matching gold-coloured roman numeral markings and baton style hour and minute hands against a plain white dial. 

Chopard Chopard Classic 163154-5201 - Bucherer

It’s the only watch in our roundup of Chopard prices which utilises a quartz movement but again, this shouldn’t be taken as any sign of a reduction in the brand’s high quality.

At just £3,840 the Classic is a great way to get your hands on some of the finest Swiss watchmaking on the market. If you need to shave a little off the price, pre-owned deals are there to be found at around £2,200 although it should be noted they are limited. 

Note – The Classic range is quite large across a variety of movements and styles. Larger, automatic Classic models can range all the way up to around £33,000 so it’s definitely worth exploring if you’re looking for something more premium. 

Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph – New c. £4,590 – Pre-Owned c. £3,000

Also at the entry level of the Chopard range we have the Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph. Chopard has a long history with motorsport with this watch taking its name from a classic endurance race and its design inspired by Chopard’s close association with classic car events. 

The Mille Miglia is a classic motorsport watch. It combines a 42mm silver, curved case with a black dial and large numbering making it easy to read whilst maintaining a timeless style. The motorsport link also extends to the strap, with the rubber band styled to match the Dunlop tyre tread of the 1960’s whilst offering fantastic wearability. 


The watch doesn’t just look like a classic car, it runs like one too. Alongside being a COSC certified automatic timepiece it also adds in a date window alongside full seconds, minutes, and hours chronograph functionality. Of course, it also runs a tachymeter on the chapter ring useful for helping to measure speed. 

As the entry level piece from Chopard, you’ll pick one of these up brand new for under £5k at £4,590. If you want to get hold of something slightly cheaper, prices on the pre-owned market will start off around £3,000. Bare in mind this may be a slightly older model, but Chopard’s high quality will mean the watch still runs like a classic grand prix speedster!

L.U.C XPS – New c. £7,400 – Pre-Owned c. £5,000

Moving further up the Chopard ladder, we come to the L.U.C range. The L.U.C range, named after Chopard’s founder Louis-Ulysse Chopard, epitomises Chopard’s commitment to the highest quality watch making aimed at the ‘contemporary gentleman’.

Specifically here, we’re going to take a look at the XPS model. This high-class dress watch matches a white dial with a stainless steel case for a clean look. With just a large minutes and hour hand, the small seconds counter at the 6 o’clock is matched with a 3 o’clock date window to complete the understated and distinguished look. 

L.U.C XPS 40 MM, AUTOMATIC, STAINLESS STEEL 168591-3001 - Chopard ...

Specs wise, this 40mm piece is again certified up to COSC standards utilising the 96.50-L movement to power a 4hz movement for up to 65 hours. Whilst it is a dress watch, you’ll still get 30m of water resistance all of which can be marveled at through the sapphire crystal open caseback. 

Given we’ve stepped up through the Chopard range, the price reflects that with the XPS starting at £7,390. If you’re wanting pre-owned, expect to regularly pay around £5,000 but limited models are available at ~£4,700 if you know where to look!

Note – The XPS range has a number of other models with standouts such as the ‘1937’ and ‘GMT One’. Prices on these models range from £7,000 up to £20,000+ depending on material. If you like what you see with the XPS, we recommend having a deeper look across the L.U.C range!

Alpine Eagle Small – New c. £8,500 – Pre-Owned c. £6,500

No watch collection is complete without a sports watch and Chopard brings theirs to the table in the form of the Alpine Eagle. Anyone familiar with Chopard’s history may note the Alpine Eagle looks similar to the classic St. Moritz model from the 80’s. That’s because it’s modelled on that very watch, made famous by now co-president of Chopard Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. 

The Alpine Eagle follows the distinctive design style we see from other sports watches from the likes of Hublot by overlaying a circle dial onto a hexagonal case. It gives the watch a high class look which is further bolstered by the ultra resistant, and exclusive to Chopard, A223 Lucent Steel alloy. 

This particular model comes in at a modest 36mm and matches a classy blue dial with the stainless steel case and strap. Roman numeral indications are coupled with baton hour, minutes and seconds hands to give a really smooth sports watch aesthetic. 

Chopard Stainless Steel Alpine Eagle Small Watch 36mm | Harrods UK

This time the 09.01-C is the movement of choice from Chopard giving the wearer 42 hours of 25,200 vibrations per hour timekeeping and of course, is COSC rated. If you fancy taking a dip, the Alpine Eagle will also be good down to 100m.

Again we take a step up in price with the Alpine Eagle, with this ‘small’ model retailing brand new from Chopard at £8,510. If you want to save some cash, pre-owned you’ll find deals starting around £6,500 – so a good £2,00 saving. 

Note – The Alpine Eagle range again has a number of different models depending on material and diamond specifications. Given the small size and diamond options, the Alpine Eagle also sets itself well in the womens watch market!

Superfast Chrono – New c. £10,700 – Pre-Owned c. £7,500

 For the last piece in our Chopard price review, we’re back to the motorsport theme with the Superfast Chrono. As the official timekeeper of German racing brand Porsche, the Superfast Chrono was created to celebrate the team’s win in the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship. 


Chopard more than matches Porsche’s high performance with this 45mm beauty. Bringing together DLC coated stainless steel, a striking black dial, lume-hands and red accents, the Superfast Chrono just looks like masterful engineering. 

Luckily, inside the case it delivers too. Chopard’s 03.05-M COSC certified movement beats at 4Hz with a whopping 60 hour power reserve. That movement also works to drive chronograph, flyback, and stop seconds functionality alongside a date window at the 4 o’clock position!

To Sum Up!

For those not familiar with Chopard, the history and iconic high quality put them right up there with other leading brands such as Rolex and Patek. Whether your tastes are sporting, dress or motorsport, Chopard will have something for you with many luxury options available below the £10,000 mark!

Take a look at some of the Chopard watches we’ve been lucky enough to have in stock here! Until next time, happy shopping!