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Anybody that knows me will know that I am not one to stay still and smile for photos, so capturing some shots for various articles and professional platforms was never going to be an easy task for anyone.


Fortunately I had come across a talented young photographer last year that managed to catch the attention of Carolina Herrera and other fashion industry insiders on social media with some very unique photos for Runway 2015.


The talented young photographers name is Aroa Nunez and she will be leaving for University next year to pursue and further develop her natural talent. Her young age affords her an unpolluted perspective and vibrant energy, paired up with an extraordinary eye for detail.


Aroa manages to capture a secret side of each person, making them more exciting and more human than before, blending a wide variety of compositions to cater for the environment that surrounds her.


In an age where widespread technological advances like digital cameras, editing software, and social media has become accessible it’s becoming easier to create and share content but harder to stand out. Sometimes it’s difficult to discern a “good” photographer from an unsustainable trend-follower, leading to a sea of over clichéd shots that leave nothing to the imagination.


Her portfolio offers a wide range of vibrant composition that reveals work that’s super fun, pop, and engaging, with unique perspectives and soft tones.


The first time we met and asked her what made her stand out she responded with a quote that sums up Aroa and her work: “ I see what others don’t “. This simple quote sets the tone for the immense talent that hides behind her humble façade.


After seeing the final photos I was extremely happy. She eventually even got me to laugh for what turned out to be some very candid photos of the family in our natural environment.


We look forward to working with Aroa again soon and wish her the very best with her future professional endeavors. We will be releasing parts of the photo-shoot throughout the week on our various social media platforms, which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.


Thanks to Aroa from Watch & Bullion 🙂