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Breitling Premier 767 – A piece of Chronograph history

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That Breitling is a go-to source for aviator chronographs is a well-known fact, and this Breitling 767 is evidence of why the brand has held such fame and reputation in the watch world.

Made in 1946, this watch still carries clear character traits of Second World War design language, such as the relatively small case size of 34mm. While next to modern watches this may seem small, it shows no deficit in terms of legibility. The high contrast between the black numerals and clear indices, as well as the silver dial, provide for legibility even in more challenging environments.

The font which gives us the aforementioned clear numerals is also responsible for the beautiful Breitling logo, something the brand returns to increasingly in their homage watches.


Irrespective of its age, this piece remains a highly functional and wearable watch in the modern day. Next to its excellent legibility, its practicality is ensured through the chronograph function, which holds a timer that runs for up to twelve hours.

The other side of this watch’s functionality stems from its durability. Back in the day, these pieces were tools rather than luxury accessories.They were treated like tools, and hence were expected to be able to take a beating.

To round off this perfect vintage chronograph we have a plexiglass crystal, as well as beautiful long blue hands which elegantly stretch to meet the indices, providing for an accurate reading. Broad pushers enable a comfortable operation of the chronograph, which gains its power from manual winding.

All of this is housed in a beautiful rose gold case, which has aged to gain an enticing copper glimmer.

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, those who consider themselves part of an increasing number of vintage chronograph enthusiasts are sure to find great joy in this watch.

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