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The Breitling Navitimer 08 – The Future Of Breitling Is Here!

Navitimer wallpaper

We recently had a blog on Georges Kern, one of the most successful managers in the watch world, and his switch to become the Breitling CEO. The ink does not even to seem to have dried however on the contract before the driven German released the first watch under his leadership.


old navitimer  


For his first project, Kern had his sights on big game. The new Breitling Navitimer 8 B01 is an adoption of what is, without doubt, the most popular and iconic of their collections. The new version now features a reverse panda dial, vintage-inspired hands, as well as completely new take on both bezel and case. The result is a fuller case particularly around the lugs and a much smoother bezel which together with the fact that the tachymeter was removed results in a noticeably less convoluted face.


As a movement serves Breitling’s very own B01 which features a 70-hour power reserve and has been used in the company since 2009. The number 8 in the name is a nod to the huit (French for eight) aviation department established by Breitling in the 1930s to create the onboard chronographs for World War 2 aircrafts.


breitling navitimer 8 1  


Most excitingly though this watch gives us a taste of what we can expect at Baselworld from Breitling. While some people already are disappointed that this was 43 mm watch, Kern hinted on his Instagram at 41 mm versions to come, as well as different complications like a day-date and unitime.


Priced at 7,100 Swiss francs it will fit right in next to the original Navitime and will available in the 2nd quarter of the year.